Top 10 Best Pinata Candy Reviews in 2023

I don’t remember when was the last time I got to break open a pinata full of candies, but boy was it fun! If you are planning a party and trying to find the best candy for the pinata, this article is for you. As a candy lover myself, I keep up with all the new and old candies.

Pinatas are special because you have to find candies that have to fit the pinata and have to be able to endure all the hitting that it’s going to take. Not to mention they have to be delicious too!

So, I have handpicked some of the crowd favorites in this list; I also have included some assorted candy boxes that will fill up your pinata, and you won’t even have to worry about varieties.

Without further ado, let’s head right on to the list, shall we?

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Mexican Candy Assortment

Benefits of Using Candy for Pinata

You have to be mindful of what you use in a pinata as a filler. The candies have to handle the heat as they are going to be concealed in the pinata for quite some time. If you choose to use only milk chocolates, they will most definitely melt.

So obviously candies should be of your choice, without this, there are so many other benefits of using candies.

Candies tend to be cheaper than chocolate bars. As pinatas are giant, even the tiny pinatas, you have to fill them up with quite some candies, and if you use chocolate bars, it will cost more.

Also, even if you add a lot of chocolate bars, it won’t look like you added a lot compared to candies. So that’s another reason why you should put candies in a pinata.

Recommended Top 10 Best Candy for Pinata

Here are some of the delicious candies that are ideal to use in a pinata. Take a look.

1. Airheads Candy Bars

Airheads Candy Bars

Airheads can be the perfect addition to your pinata blast. There are many flavors of airheads, and each of them tastes just as good as the rest of them.

This candy is made with care and thought. They formulated Airheads by keeping people’s concerns in mind, and they brought every flavor together in one packet. Airheads are kosher, so if you are Jewish, you can still enjoy this delicious treat.

They are also gluten-free, and they don’t contain any tree nuts or peanuts for those who have nut allergies.

Not only nuts but significant ingredients that can trigger allergies have also been avoided while formulating airheads, which are the big 8- soy, milk, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, and fish.

Including cherry, watermelon, orange, and grape, there are many other flavors of airheads. The chewy texture of this candy releases bites full of flavor in every chew. It is tangy and sweet at the same time.

To keep things fun, they have this thing called mystery bars. In a mystery bar packet, you will not get the name of the flavor, but you have to guess it by having the candies. Isn’t that fun?

It’s a great addition to a pinata because of its size and the variety of flavors Airheads offer. Also, the mystery box will keep the kids and the adults busy guessing flavors and having fun.

Highlighted Features

  • Free of gluten, nuts and peanuts, so no worries of allergies
  • Comes with multiple flavors to choose from
  • Has a chewy texture that releases the flavor once you bite it
  • Stored in a presentable mystery box; great for kids

2. Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Bulk Lollipop

Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Bulk Lollipop

Ring Pop is straight-up 90s nostalgia. And they can be the perfect addition to a pinata because this candy has the shape of a ring, and you can actually wear it on your fingers! That can be a party attraction all in itself, I tell you.

Ring Pop is the kids’ favorite because it’s fun to have candy that you can wear. These candies have different fruity flavors.

In this assorted box, you get six individual flavors of Ring pops, and if you pop all of them in a pinata, I think it will be a hit amongst the kids.

Pinata candy for toddlers is pretty hard to find, as they tend to be very picky. Also, a toddler will literally put anything in their mouth and try to swallow it, and hard candies can sometimes act like a choking hazard.

As Ring Pops sits on top of the fingers safely, there is no way kids will try and swallow them.

However, I would still suggest that you keep them under strict supervision whenever they handle something they can possibly choke on.

The six flavors you get here are sour cherry, raspberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, berry blast, blue raspberry watermelon. All of them are equally awesome, but my favorite is watermelon.

Its iconic shape is what makes Ring pops super fun! Each of the Ring Pops is gem-shaped candies on a plastic ring. All of the candies have an individual wrap, so it makes up for a great addition to your pinata.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 6 different fruity flavors to try
  • Ring-shaped candies look great and attractive
  • Comes in a presentable assorted box
  • Each candy are individually wrapped to look amazing

3. Bulk Assorted Fruit Candy

In this bulk assortment choice, you get to have the best candies of fruity heaven.

Let’s get this straight first; in a fun pinata, fruity candies are the best choice because they tend not to be very melty, which is the case with milk chocolate-type candies.

In this assorted box of fruity candies, you get skittles, gummy bears, nerds, sweet tarts, starbursts, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, Haribo, and so many other great candies, and all of them are unique and flavorsome.

First of all, as there are so many kinds of candies in this single assortment box, it is a great choice to put in your pinata.

That way, you get to have variety within one single box, and all the choices are party favorites. Let it be kids or adults; all will have something that they enjoy here.

The choices are pretty great! Haribo gummy bears are one of my favorite candies, and many people around the globe enjoy their chewy texture and sweet flavor.

All of the candy packets are of different eye-catchy colors, so when the pinata burst open, candies of popping colors will fly out, which is a sign of a great pinata.

Also, it’s an excellent choice for busy parents out there whose kids love variety. Kids are simple creatures, so when they see more than one variety, they get excited.

If you have a pinata for your kids’ birthday party and they burst it open to only see one flavor, they can get upset, so this assorted box is your answer in one package.

You get to have bulk value in retail purchases; that’s exciting too!

Highlighted Features

  • You get a wide range of candies in the whole set
  • The candy packets have eye-catchy color
  • Comes with different flavors to choose from
  • An assorted box is included for a presentable look

4. Brach’s Kiddie Mix Variety Pack Individually Wrapped Candies

Brach's Kiddie Mix Variety Pack Individually Wrapped Candies

This one is from Brach’s, and it is a variety pack called ‘kiddie mix’ with individually wrapped candies in a package, much like the previous one on the list.

The whole bag is 48 ounces or 1.39 kgs. So, you can guess there are lots of candies in this one packet, which means you get to almost fill up your pinata with just one packet. It’s a great choice value-wise also; all of the flavors are amazing as well.

With this value pack, every other kid of the block gets to have something they personally enjoy, not just one or two boring flavors. Most candy assortment boxes don’t incorporate gums, but this one does.

They have many different candies like rain Blo pops, Sour Brite Crawlers, Smarties, Trolli, and so much more.

It also includes some actual chocolate treats, which is rare for a candy assortment box. So if you are looking for chocolate candy bars for piñata, this is it; look nowhere else.

Halloween candies like candy corn, jelly beans are also a part of this incredible package.

It is an excellent addition for parties, specially pinatas, as you expect them to have lots of candies. As they are individually wrapped, even if they fall on the floor, it’s no issue. There are so many party tricks you can do with these candies too.

To entertain little kids, this is a perfect choice. Also, big kids will enjoy this assortment box; it’s a guarantee. With its colorfully wrapped candies, the Brach can make your party a solid hit.

Highlighted Features

  • You get 48 ounces of chocolates in one package
  • Great for different parties other than pinatas
  • You get to have to different flavors in the pack
  • Candies are wrapped in colorful papers

5. HERSHEY’S Jolly Rancher Twizzlers Candy

HERSHEY'S Jolly Rancher Twizzlers Candy

If you are a candy lover, there is no way you haven’t heard of Hershey’s. However, you probably are familiar with their name because of their milk and dark chocolates mostly. But they also have candies like a Jolly Rancher. Yup! Shocking, I know.

So, as you already know, Hershey’s make tempting candy bars; this party mix from them is also up there in rank flavor-wise. This candy assortment box from Hershey’s contains Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers.

Jolly Ranchers are these hard candies that come in countless varieties of flavors. They are just the perfect snack to suck on. As much as kids enjoy Jolly Ranchers, adults enjoy them too.

There are many popular life hacks, even with Jolly Ranchers. I have seen people making straws, shot glasses, and decorative cake items out of Jolly Ranchers! And that is incredibly cool.

Twizzlers, because of their adorable size, can make up for a perfect addition to your pinata too!

They are these twisted, chewy sweet candies that kids love. I fell in love with Twizzlers when I was only a kid and liked it mostly because of its fun shape and chewy texture.

Twizzlers also have several flavors that you can choose from. And in this assorted party mix from Hershey’s, you get to enjoy multiple flavors of both Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers. Isn’t that exciting?

Highlighted Features

  • Contains Jolly Ranchers and Twizzers
  • Has a wide variety of flavors to pick from
  • The candies are twisted and shape and chewy too
  • You can store them anywhere at room temperature

6. Bazooka Candy Brands Easter Variety Candy Box


This 18 piece set from bazooka is spectacular. Bazooka incorporated different types of candies in one box, and it’s a party all by itself. Let us see what fun things you get in this value easter variety mix.
There are different mouth-watering fruity candies and lollipops in this box. Make your pinata full of surprises with this one.

It includes 4 Ring pops, four juicy drop pop lollipops, four push pop lollipops, and the crowd-pleaser six ring pop lollipops.

They have included a unique candy in here named unicorn glitter berry. The name itself can be a parameter of how cool the candy is.

Flavor-wise, this box is a winner. It includes raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, fruit punch, and many other exciting flavors.

Your pinata will look colorful and charming with these individually wrapped candies inside. As these are solid candies, they have a long shelf life.

You can store them and have them later if you wish. Buy them beforehand for your party and use them a month later, and they will still taste delicious.

You will get what you pay for as there are a total of 18 pops in this one assorted box, so that’s a great choice economically.

A pinata can never have only one or two flavors that will be boring, so to make your pinata special; you can stuff all the 18 pops in there and have a blast with the kids.

Highlighted Features

  • Wide range of candies and lollipop
  • Flavors include raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, fruit punch
  • Comes with a long-lasting shell
  • Has 18 pieces of candies in one set

7. Mexican Candy Assortment

Mexican Candy Assortment

Mexican candies are one of my favorites as they are quite different in flavor from what we perceive as candies.

In this Mexican candy assortment, you get 40 individually wrapped, different flavored candies that are equally mouth-watering.

There are not only sweet candies in there but also spicy and sour ones. That is exciting! Spicy candies?

Will they even taste good? If you have not had spicy candies in your entire life, have one right now, and you will realize what great flavor you have been missing on all these years.

Carrying the Mexican culture, these candies truly represent the community. If you grew up having these, then you know what I am talking about.

This assortment box was handpicked and contained every great flavor of famous Mexican candy brands, or at least most of them.

Some of the candies that this bag includes are muecas chamoy, rebanaditas, pelon pele rico, pica goma, pina loca and so on.

As pinata itself represents Mexican culture, it is only fair you include Mexican candies in the pinata. Isn’t that, right?

Highlighted Features

  • You’re getting 40 different candies in one set
  • Each candy is individually wrapped
  • There are sweet candies, spicy ones and sour candies too
  • Candies include: muecas chamoy, rebanaditas, pelon pele rico, pica goma, pina loca

8. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

Another party pleaser on the list! Sour patch kids. It’s a candy version of sweet and sour magic, and I must say, they are incredible. You get 3.52 pounds of Sour Patch Kids in this big package, which is just the right amount for pinatas.

Sour Patch kids have a different take on candies. The exterior of this candy is sour, and when you melt through the sour layer by sucking on it, you get to enjoy the sweet interior. That’s is seriously unique.

I have seen many YouTubers try this candy for the first time, and I can clearly see their expressions changing as the flavors change. To be honest, it’s pretty funny.

So, if you want to add additional entertainment value to your party with a fun pinata, add Sour Patch Kids in the mix and see the faces change as the flavors do.
These candies have individual wrappings, so whenever anyone successfully manages to hit the pinata, the candies will hit the floor without getting dirty. That is a plus in my book.

The fun shape of the candy-like Frankenstein is pretty eye-pleasing. Also, they are very colorful, which is very attractive from a kid’s perspective.

There are so many different flavor variants of this candy, such as Sour Patch kids watermelon, crush, xploderz, extreme, tropical, heads, original, and a variety pack. Add Sour Patch kids in your pinata to make it more fun and creative.

Highlighted Features

  • Has candies worth 3.5 pounds in the set
  • Each candy is individually wrapped
  • Contains Frankenstein-shaped candies
  • Has multiple flavors for you to taste

9. JOLLY RANCHER and TWIZZLERS Assorted Fruit Flavored Candy

JOLLY RANCHER and TWIZZLERS Assorted Fruit Flavored Candy

In my opinion, Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers are the best pinata filler. Because both kids and adults love them and can be enjoyable as pinata candies in any party, let it be Halloween, easter, or a birthday party.

This package contains 235 pieces of Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers which are approximately 66.88 ounces. It’s a big bag, so you can easily fill up your pinata with one or two of these.

Or you can take some and keep it for later as these candies have a long shelf life.

Kids have so much fun with Twizzlers because this unique candy is two strands of chewy candies twisted together.

So while having it, kids can pull the two twisted parts apart, which adds to the experience. I, as an adult, also enjoy the pull n peel aspect of the Twizzlers.
Flavors are inclusive of strawberry, watermelon, cherry, and so much more.

Jolly Ranchers are also very flavorful on their own. They are a hard lollipop-type candy that you suck on and enjoy for as long as it doesn’t disappear in your mouth. Some have Jolly Ranchers to refresh their breath; it’s a good life hack.

Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers in a pack is a mix of hard and chewy candies, and honestly, I am very pleased with the combination. For a mini easter egg pinata or a mini unicorn pinata, one of these bags are enough.

To add more life to the pinata, add glitters and ribbons with the candies.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 235 pieces of Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers
  • You’ll get candies worth 66.88 ounce
  • Flavors include – strawberry, watermelon, cherry
  • Set includes a big bag which looks elegant

10. Party Mix – Individually Wrapped Candies

Party Mix - Individually Wrapped Candies

Last but not least, I have this party mix of candies for you. After all, a pinata is a symbol of celebration, so it should contain lots of candies. And in a party mix, you get to enjoy tons of different flavors in a single container.

This party mix box with assorted candies is a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ box, and it contains approximately 4 lbs. of candies.

Yep, it’s huge, and it costs so less for the sheer number of candies in there. If you are planning to have a budget-friendly pinata, then this assorted box is for you. It is a box of pure joy and surprise.

Because guess what? It is a feast of different famous candies, not just one or two variables, let me name a few, Laffy taffy, tootsie rolls, Chupa Chups, Dubble Bubble, Nerds, Smarties, Airheads, Chick-O-Sticks, Cinnamon discs are some of this box’s candies, all the famous names in one package!

If you plan to throw an easter, Halloween, or a birthday party, this is a perfect candy box for the occasion. Because if you ask any kid what their favorite candy is, I am sure they will name a candy present in this box; it contains everyone’s favorites!

All of the candies have induvial wrappings, and it’s done in a separate facility. So don’t worry about the candies falling on the floor as kids burst open the pinata; it will still be edible.

Please note that these candies are repackaged in a facility where they might have come in contact with widespread allergens like milk, nuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, etc. if you are allergic to any of these, then it’s a good idea to avoid this one to be on the safe side.

Highlighted Features

  • Set includes 4 lbs of candies altogether
  • Has different brands of candies on it
  • Candies are individually wrapped to look presentable
  • Great for the pinata and other occasions and parties

Things to Consider Before Buying Candy for Pinata

Although you’re just buying nothing but some pieces of candies for piñata, you better should look for a number of different factors. So, from the size of candies to the expiry date, make sure to note down the following things;

Size of Candies

Feeling surprised? I don’t think so as it’s the most important thing to look for before buying candies for piñata. Chances are the candy you’re going to buy isn’t compatible with the size of piñata that you’ve purchased.

Let’s say, if you choose comparatively large-sized candies instead of average, you won’t be able to fill the piñata with a lot of stuff. And guess what? There might be a lot of guests who are waiting to have delicious candies, who knows!

So, try to focus on the candies with the shape of a ring. You can also go with something that comes in square yet small shapes. In my opinion, these will suit your piñata best.

Consider the Type

You’ve landed into the second important thing. When it comes to buying candies just for piñata, you better get your hands on the fruity instead of chocolaty type, why?

Well, it’s because the chewy or fruity types of candies tend not to be that much melty compared to the milky ones. Plus, these will remain in solid form on your piñata for long, and at the same time, will be capable of tolerating more heat.

Do you know why I always prioritize small and chewy types of candies over everything? It’s because if you have toddlers in your party, they might get choked by swallowing any bulky-sized candy.

Since they tend to swallow almost anything they find within their reach, you can’t take the risk of ignoring the possible chances of choking.

Different Flavors and Colors

When we talk about candies, people don’t want to be fixed in a specific flavor and color. Some prefer spicy, others might choose something sweet.

Besides that, different colors will catch the attention of people, especially toddlers instantly, what do you think?

Okay, so make sure you choose the model that features candies with a couple of different colors and mouth-watering flavors.

Expiry Date

Last but certainly not least, you shouldn’t forget about checking out the expiry date before making an ultimate purchase. As a responsible adult, you shouldn’t get candies that might cause harm to your guests, especially kids.

So be sure the candies aren’t expired at all, even if you can purchase them at a very cheap rate!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my pinata doesn’t break?

There are other ways than hitting to break a pinata. You can find some pinatas called a pull string one. Get those if you are uncertain of the regular ones. You can also put a small hole in the lower middle side of the pinata, which shall do the trick.

2. How much do pinatas cost?

The price of a pinata truly depends on the size of the pinata. If you are going for a big and fancy one, it will naturally cost more than a small easter egg pinata. The costs add up even more when you fill it up with candies further.

3. How much pinata filler do I need?

If you are having a big party with a giant pinata, you will need a lot. But if it’s a small pinata, then you will fill it up accordingly.

Usually, candies take up most of the space, and other fillers like glitters, gifts, and decorative paper take up one-sixth of the space.

4. What goes in pinata besides candies?

There are so many things you can fill up a pinata with. For example, mini balls, mini bags of cookies, mini stationery items, individually wrapped marshmallows, stickers, glitters, and so many other things that kids usually like if it’s a pinata for kids to begin with.

5. How do I hang a pinata without celling?

If your pinata is outdoors, you can use a tree to hang it. However, if it’s not in that kind of a place, then use a ladder to hang it, or you can use a broomstick to keep it hanging too. If someone is brave enough, let them hold the pinata, lol!

Final Words

Have you found the best candy for pinata yet from this list? I’m sure you did because these candies are unbeatable in taste.

But there are so many other kinds, and I suppose people of different ethnicity may prefer some of their ethnic candies. However, these are only suggestions.
Feel free to organize your pinata any way you please.

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