5 Best Cereal Spoon Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

Let’s start with a short story, shall we? Once I invited some of my significant clients for dinner. To make everything perfect, I unpacked new dishes, did some fancy cooking, and arranged great lighting and music. But, when the guests arrived, something felt awkwardly flat, and I couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong.

It was my grandmother who confided to me later, “It’s your utensils, my dear”. And at that very moment, my friends, I learned a serious lesson, ‘every detail counts!’

That’s why picking up the best cereal spoon is as important as any other item of your dining. A cereal spoon should be well-shaped, high in quality, ergonomic, and of course, good-looking.

To assist you in making your choice, we will be reviewing the 5 best cereal spoons with a detailed buying guide and much more! Let’s dive right in.

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Hiware Thick Heavy-Weight Soup Spoons

Cereal killer Engraved Spoon

Hiware Asian Soup Spoon Set

Cereal Killer Weapon of Choice Spoon

I Cerealsly Love You l Cereal Spoon

Benefits of Using Cereal Spoon

Before jumping on our list, let’s talk about some beneficial aspects of using cereal spoons so that you can convince yourself to buy a new one.

Improves Your Eating Experience

Cereal spoons are essential to improve your breakfast habits. Of course, it’s your choice how you eat your cereal.

Yet, no one can deny that eating cereal with a spoon is a better experience than using a mug. Cereal spoons allow you both tiny sips and hefty scoops whereas, with mugs, it’s only large gulps. So, spoons are a better choice for an agreeable mouthfeel.

Creates Less Mess

Spoons for cereals are less messy and more organized. The problem with a regular spoon is that it contains less amount of solid and liquid. Plus, it’s really easy to spill your milk all over and create a mess with normal spoons and mugs.

Cereal spoons have a curved structure that perfectly handles the amount of liquid and solid while eliminating the chances of spilling.

Completes Your Dining Decoration

Cereal spoons offer your dining table an elegant vibe. If you want to make an impression on your guests, having specialized spoons for different foods is the easy way to do it.

A cereal spoon with a decent design and structure shows that you’re a classy and sincere person who cares about small detailing. And that’s a statement right there.

Develops Better Dining Manners in Kids

Lastly, cereal spoons are amazing for kids. As a cereal spoon is pretty easy to use, it can truly be beneficial to form a healthy relationship between food and kids developing spoon-feeding habits. With cereal spoons, your kid will finish the meal while creating little to no mess at all, and it helps to develop confidence in them.

Our Top 5 Best Cereal Spoon Reviews

So, now it’s time for our review of the cereal spoons. Below we have rounded up the best features and qualities of various spoons from top brands to meet all your needs. Have a look and choose the ideal one.

1. Hiware Thick Heavy-Weight Soup Spoons

Hiware Thick Heavy-Weight Soup Spoons

For our first pick, we chose an absolute all-rounder spoon set for you. The Thick Heavy-weight Soup Spoons from Hiware have an ergonomic design, luxurious weight, and amazing affordability to make your breakfast experience highly satisfactory.

As the spoons are made of premium stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rust, peeling, and corrosion. The food-grade 18/8 stainless steel material builds some healthy and extra-heavy spoons to serve you for a lifetime.

This amazingly durable set includes 6 dishwasher-safe spoons with two color choices, classic silver, and gorgeous black.

Thanks to the extra thickened handle, you’ll have a premium feel and a strong, comfortable grip while eating. The added thickness also makes the handle firm enough to withstand pressure without bending or breaking.

The smooth polished finish of the spoon eliminates the sharp edges to avoid the chances of scratching your skin.

While the durability and quality are impressive enough, the design of the Hiware spoons definitely takes the cake. Although the spoons have a regular tablespoon length of 6.3″, the 1.7″ wide curved end qualifies as a soup spoon and gives an elegant, luxurious feel. In short, the Hiware spoon set is simply amazing!

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality stainless steel body with a stylish polished finish
  • Strong, comfortable handle with a thick body and smooth edges
  • The set includes 6 spoons in either silver or black color
  • Affordable and dishwasher safe
  • The added thickness results in some extra weight and feels extravagant

2. Cereal killer Engraved Spoon

Cereal killer Engraved Spoon

Are you looking for a fun yet useful gift for your cereal lover friend? Then we have good news for you. The Cereal Killer Engraved Spoon by Boston Creative Company is modern, affordable, and unique with its personalized engraved messages.

Without a doubt, the uniqueness of the design is the major highlight of this spoon. Boston creative company allows you to personalize a little fun message on the spoon. Industrial standard high-end laser machines are used for engraving so that the impression of your message lasts forever.

As for the material, the spoon is made from heavy-duty stainless steel for maximum durability. Despite having a steel body, the spoon is surprisingly lightweight and weighs only 1.06 pounds which is very much easy to handle for anyone. The shiny polished finish of the spoon will remain just like new even after years of use.

The best part? The spoon is surprisingly affordable. You can buy the spoon in two different colors, silver, and gold. Both colors will give your breakfast table a modern vibe and complement all kinds of tableware.

Plus, the handle of this 7-inch spoon is thin and stylish with a dotted texture. Can you think of any better gift for your cereal lover mate? I bet you can’t.

Highlighted Features

  • The buyer is allowed to engrave customized messages on the spoon head
  • Durable and easy to handle with a lightweight stainless steel body
  • Features a smooth shiny finish that survives years of heavy use
  • Available in silver and gold color and easily blend in with any kind of tableware
  • Compatible with dishwasher and offers a pocket-friendly price

3. Hiware Asian Soup Spoon Set

Hiware Asian Soup Spoon Set

Now it’s time to introduce you to the most good-looking spoon set of this lineup. If your heart only wants aesthetically pleasing stuff, the Asian Soup Spoon Set by Hiware is the ideal choice for you.

Hiware is a brand that never fails to impress with its unique designs. In this model, the spoons have a unique middle slot and an end hook. The slot will make sure that the spoon is fastened at the bowl edge.

Whereas the end hook will prevent the spoon from sliding and sinking into the milk. Where else can you find such mind-boggling features?

While we’re on the topic of uniqueness, how can we miss the ceramic material? Here’s the thing about ceramic spoons, they are incredibly durable and suitable for both formal and casual use. Plus, they don’t get instantly hot like the regular metal spoons.

You can use the lightweight spoon regularly as the tough polymer prevents chipping even if it slips your hands accidentally.

The 6.25″ spoon has a 1.75″ wide spoon head that allows you to enjoy a large spoonful of milk and a spoon of cereal. Besides, the Asian curve design with the beautiful white color will be a great delight for your American and Western guests. Overall, this 12-piece spoon set is easily the best spoon for cereal and will be a great addition to your tableware. That’s a promise!

Highlighted Features

  • Features a unique slot and hook design to prevent slipping
  • Build from a durable ceramic material that efficiently withstands temperature and shock
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • The set includes 12 polished and classic white spoons
  • The spoon head features a deep Asian-style curve that holds a large amount of cereal

4. Cereal Killer Weapon of Choice Spoon

Cereal Killer Weapon of Choice Spoon

Yet again, another spoon from the Boston Creative Company made our list of the best cereal spoon. Let’s have a look at the best features of the Cereal Killer Weapon Of Choice Spoon.

If you’re a person who loves to taste every little scoop of cereal, this is just the right spoon you need. With this 6.3″ long and 1.4″ wide spoon, you can pick up small amounts of your favorite magic spoon cereals and taste them at your heart’s content. The spoon edge is designed smoothly to feel good inside your mouth.

Just like the previous one, the spoons allow a personalized engraving of 10 characters and come in silver and gold colors. The engraving is designed to survive a billion washes so that your message can always make your special one smile. Thanks to the stainless steel body, the spoons are pretty sturdy and long-lasting.

Worried about cleaning? Say goodbye to all your concerns as the Boston Creative Company has made the cleaning process super easy for you. Use a simple dry cloth for light cleaning and toss the spoon in your dishwasher for heavy ones. Just make sure you use mild detergent for washing, and the spoon will last forever.

Highlighted Features

  • An ideal tablespoon shape spoon with smooth edges
  • Allows a personalized engraving of up to 10 characters that survive a billion washes
  • The stainless steel body is sturdy and durable
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • The packaging is very elegant and easily qualifies as a nice present5.

5. I Cerealsly Love You l Cereal Spoon

I Cerealsly Love You l Cereal Spoon

To wrap up our list, we picked a super cute, romantic, affordable, and trendy spoon for you. Meet the delightful Steel Cereal Spoon Set from Boston Creative.

Users generally describe the spoon in just three words, a cute gift. And we wholeheartedly agree with that. The engraved message says, ‘I cereals love you!’

While the message is achingly adorable, the durability of the engraving makes it a thousand times better, unlike the cheap hand-stamped spoons, an industrial-quality laser machine is used for long-lasting engraving.

The stainless steel spoon body is thick and heavy-duty to qualify as your go-to cereal spoon. Compared to regular tablespoons, this one is considerably thick, so, it’s hard to bend or chip.

Besides, the metal finish won’t peel off or rust like the typical ones. So, buy this high-quality spoon once and enjoy years of unparalleled service.

As the spoon is 7-inch long, the spoon handle is long enough to reach the bottom of your bowl. The handle also has a nice dotted design, and its trendy silver color just blends in with any contemporary kitchenware. From looks to quality, this affordable spoon has everything to pull on your heartstrings.

Highlighted Features

  • A clever and heartfelt engraved message makes for a sweet romantic gift
  • Made from heavy-duty and long-lasting stainless steel
  • Features a metal finish that prevents rust and peeling
  • The long ergonomic handle easily reaches the bowl’s bottom
  • The trendy silver color spoon suits any modern kitchen perfectly

Things to Consider Before Buying Cereal Spoon

Well, you can’t just pick up any spoon that comes across on any online platform because the result will be bitterly disappointing. You must consider some crucial aspects while purchasing a cereal spoon. Go through our well-investigated buying guide for making the best investment.


The most important thing you have to consider while buying a cereal spoon is the material. The most used materials are Plastic, Ceramic, and Stainless Steel. Among the three, we would recommend you opt for ceramic or stainless steel spoons as the plastic ones feel cheap and sloppy.

Ceramic and stainless steel is durable, sturdy materials with a nice weight and thickness that feel good inside your mouth. Just make sure you choose high-quality stainless steel so that the spoon won’t corrode and spread a metallic taste.

Size and Shape

Usually, there are three types of spoons that people use to eat cereal, teaspoon, tablespoon, and soup spoon. If you like to eat your cereal in big gulps, you should go for the deep round soup spoons. Otherwise, opt for a tablespoon or teaspoon to enjoy small sips of your cereal.

Also, you should consider the size of your bowl while deciding on the spoon size. If you have deep bowls, you’ll need 6 or 7-inch cereal spoons. For bowls with shallow and flat bottoms, smaller-sized teaspoons are the ideal choice. Spoons with some weight and thickness are always preferable for a feel of luxury.

Design and Features

Choosing a unique design is always a plus. However, the design and color of your spoon should match your flatware and must not feel out of place. The spoon must have a nice polished finish and smooth edges to avoid any unpleasant experience.

The basic and most important features are found in almost all good spoons. You can look for special ones like end hooks, engraved messages, middle slots, decent handle designs, etc. Remember, the better the feature, the higher the price will rise.

Brand Value

It’s a good idea to choose spoons from a well-known brand. Famous brands usually have very durable and good-quality products. Also, you can easily go through the customer reviews to get the necessary feedback about the product.

So, judge the reputed brands first and then proceed to the comparatively new ones with good customer reviews.

Price and Warranty

The price largely varies depending on the size, features, and number of spoons. Check the price of various sellers and compare them to find the one that suits your pocket. Don’t let the deceptive sellers trick you with their low prices.

It’s also important to ask the seller for a warranty. If anything goes wrong during the shipment process, a warranty will save you from loads of hassles.

Asian Soup Spoon vs Western Soup Spoon

When we talk about the best soup spoon type, there are typically two contenders that immediately pop up inside our heads, the Asian ones, and the Western ones. So, what’s the difference?

The Chinese or Asian spoons have a flat, slightly curved bottom with a rounded edge that gives the spoon head a unique shape similar to that of a boat. The handles of these spoons are usually thick and short.

Some spoons also have hooked ends to prevent the spoon from falling into the soup. As the Asians add meat, vegetable, and noodles to their soup, the Asian soup spoons are made this way to hold a generous amount of liquid as well as solid.

On the other hand, the western soup spoons have a deep round or oval spoon head that looks like a small bowl. The handles are long with less thickness. Western soup spoons are preferable for soup with mostly liquid in it. These spoons have designs on their handle, and the spoon heads are all more or less the same.

For soupy cereal with extra milk, Western soup spoons are a good choice. Otherwise, Asian soup spoons are preferable for your regular cereal bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What spoon is used for cereal?

There is no particular spoon to eat cereal with. Most people use teaspoons, tablespoons, or soup spoons for eating cereal. Use a teaspoon for the younger members of your family. The adults can choose any spoon as per their bowl size, cereal type, and other preferences.

2. What size spoon do you eat cereal with?

The size of a cereal spoon varies from person to person — some people like tiny spoons for better digestion, whereas some like hefty spoons for great sips. A spoon with at least 6″ length, 1.3″ Width, and 0.04″ thickness qualifies as a standard cereal spoon.

3. Do you eat cereal with a metal spoon or a plastic spoon?

For everyday use, metal spoons are best for eating cereal. Ceramic spoons are also a good option. However, metal spoons can peel off, or rust and ceramic spoons are somewhat fragile. So, it’s important to judge the quality first. If you have little children at house, it’s better to use plastic spoons to avoid mess and cracks.

4. Can you eat cereal with Chinese soup spoons?

Yes, you can eat cereal with Chinese or Asian soup spoons. In fact, these soup spoons are a more convenient option than many regular spoons.

5. Is Magic Spoon actually healthy?

Magic spoon cereals are regarded as one of the healthiest as the cereals contain high protein, delicious flavors, and low net carb.

Final Words

So, there you have everything you need to know to pick up the best cereal spoon for you. Follow our guide to ensure that you get your hands on a durable, good-looking, high-quality spoon.

Remember that the spoon you choose should blend in with the other items of your cutlery set. Hiware and Boston Creative Company are the brands with the best reviews and best-selling spoons. Make sure you choose one of them to get a bang for your buck.

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