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Whether it’s your early morning breakfast or next Sunday picnic, you want it ready fast but nutritious. And with lemon curd or lemon cheese, all these become easy and yummy. You can make this uplifting supplement at home. But who got the stamina to make foodstuff every day?

For lazybones like me, people with busy schedules, getting the best lemon curd can make a quick brunch hassle-free. But since it will be a part of your day-to-day meal, you shouldn’t bank on random fruit curds.

I found some serious facts about ingredients used in curds. Avoid buying curds having artificial elements and refined sugar. The amount of fat, carbs, calories is vital to follow your diet. Most importantly, the taste. Is it tongue vibrating sour or too much sweet?

After doing all this research, I came up with the 6 best picks that meet diet standards and taste expectations. Besides, they come from some of the most reliable brands. Read on to learn more.

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Tiptree Lemon Curd 

Dickinson's Lemon Curd

Ellenos Lemon Curd

Chivers Lemon Curd

Bonne Maman Curd

Benefits of Using Lemon Curd

Lemon curd isn’t only a delightful recipe. It’s a source of high nutrition also. Unless you follow a strict diet chart, it deserves to be on your food list. Let’s look at what healthy ingredients are used in lemon curd and why these are beneficial.

Rich in Nutrition

They serve a rich amount of nutritious value, including almost all the nutrients your body needs. Curbs, limited fat, protein, calories; are essential for maintaining your body growth and development. And they all presence in lemon curd.

For Healthy Bones

For your bone growth and support, vitamin D is essential. And butter is one of the best sources for this.

Boosts Up Immune System

Whether keeping a good workflow of heart or controlling weight, Vitamin C is a must. It helps prevent kidney stones, anemia, and cancer. You get improved digestion also. These all come along with processed lemon curds.

Improve Mental Well-being

You would be amazed to know how lemon oil improves your mental health. It reduces anxiety, depression, and early morning sickness. Lemon oil also helps in treating pain and makes you feel energized.

Additional Value

Yeah, white or refined sugar causes more harm to your health than any benefits. But lemon curds made with cane sugar or raw honey are nutritional and don’t cause harm to your healthiness.

Our Top 6 Best Lemon Curd Reviews

Here’s the one-by-one detailed review of my 6 favorite lemon curds. Read along to choose yours. I listed most lemon curds that have cane sugar.

1. Tiptree Lemon Curd for Natural Toppings

Tiptree Lemon Curd

Since 1885, Tiptree has been considered the “King” of FMCG goods in England. Behind their successful processed food lines, the key is their natural taste. And this lemon curd also follows the tradition.

If you don’t like to compromise taste with health, then this Tiptree lemon curd is the right choice for you. This hand-made lemon curd comes 100% free of preservatives.
It’s made from fresh dairy butter, egg yolk (carefully separated from white), and other natural ingredients. Every time you open the jar, it’s just equally creamy and consistent all the way to the bottom of the jar.

Having a sharp lemony flavor with adequate sugar brings a mouthwatering taste no matter what’s on your plate. If you’ve issues with tart, this one might change your mind. The curd is a perfect blend of tart and sweetness.

But remember, since it doesn’t contain preservatives, it comes with a very short shelf life. You should refrigerate it and eat it within 30 days after opening the jar.

Tiptree lemon curd is a delicious addition to your brunch. You can overeat this curd with English muffins, spiral berry, pie, jelly roll, toast, and a hell of desserts. Thinking about lemon chicken for dinner? You can use it, too, instead of messing with multiple ingredients.

Lastly, the rich lemon in the mix saves it from being over glutted. And it’s completely suitable for vegans, coeliacs, and Kosher.

Highlighted Features

  • Free of artificial color and essence, it makes no harm to health
  • Made in the nut-free factory to avoid allergenic issues
  • The balanced mix of ingredients keeps it from being cloying
  • 4 weeks of validity after opening
  • Serves 9 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon
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2. Dickinson’s Lemon Curd with 0% White Sugar

Dickinson's Lemon Curd

The brand effortlessly tries to protect its signature, their quality from the inception. With more than 100 years of legacy, it became one of the most successful American flavor brands. My second pick of today’s lemon curb review is another leading line of goods from the brand.

People love zesty curds because of their luscious taste. However, most of them are processed with white sugar. That might be a worry if you maintain your diet seriously.

But why is this better than the typical fruit flavors? How Dickenson’s lemon curd makes a difference?

It’s made from raw cane sugar, bovine butter, eggs, just like the old English way. Along with other organic ingredients, you get a step towards a healthy replacement of fruit preserves.

The lemon curd adds a tangy glaze to your snacks, even fruits and berries. You can taste it with salad dressings, meat sauces, croissants, sweet rolls, and anything you wish for; name it.

After taking your first spoon from the jar, you may find it a bit gelatinous. The curds just stay in blobs. That’s why I’d love to eat this mostly with hot meals. You can mix a bit of lemon juice to make it less gummy.

Let me share a secret tip! Put it in Greek yogurt with teensy little honey in the morning. You’ll find it taste like lemon meringue pie!

Each tablespoon serves 20g. So, one jar may last 2-3 times max if you’ve got a small family.

Highlighted Features

  • Tastes good with versatile snacks and desserts
  • Cane sugar helps to progress the immune system
  • The rich amount of lemon gives a refreshing taste
  • Less fat doesn’t conflict with a healthy diet chart
  • Mixed with pectin for keeping the curd firm
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3. Ellenos Lemon Curd – Not a Regular Yogurt


Are you a fan of Greek yogurt? Then you must try Ellenos lemon curd to get an unforgettable taste. Unlike regular yogurt, it has a distinct mix, which doesn’t taste sour at all. Its tangy-sweet taste is just perfect for brightening up your day.

The specialty of Ellenos lemon yogurt is that it’s purely handcrafted to keep it more natural. It’s manufactured in a slow heating-cooling process, followed by natural straining. That’s the reason you’ll feel like eating homemade yogurt in every bite.

All the ingredients are sourced seasonally from local purveyors and farmers. It’s made from rBST-treated milk, the same quality of milk you taste in ice cream. I don’t think you can resist yourself a second time after the first swallow.

You can add this lemon curd without ruining your diet chart. Every lemon curd cup serves you 966 kilocalories. The curd mix has only 13g of fat.

It’s blended with cane sugar and honey, free from harmful white sugar. Most importantly, you should bank on this because it’s packed with low-sodium (controlled sodium level in the body lower the risk of heart failure).

Highlighted Features

  • Free of artificial ingredients makes it suitable for health
  • Low fat and high protein is best for gymnasts
  • Maintained balance of sodium to make your heart risk-free
  • Made with healthy cane sugar and honey
  • Taste very much sweet, unlike regular yogurt
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4. Chivers Lemon Curd with Less Lemon, More Sweet

Chivers Lemon Curd

If you’ve watched America’s Test Kitchen, then Chivers curd is a frequent name you should’ve heard of. Yeah! Some of the top American chefs recommend it. And why not?

Whether baking or spreading, Chiver lemon curd is a perfect addition to any dessert. The velvety and creamy lemon curd just brings joy to your breakfast recipes. Loaf cake, jam tartlets, Swiss roll, doughnuts, oat bars, filled muffins, lemon squares, you can’t finish the names.

It does not limit you to making delicious desserts. The lemon curd is purely healthy also. There’re no artificial colors or flavors added to the mix. Plus, it’s GMO-free.

It’s packed with 314 kCals, including all the health beneficiary ingredients. The lemon curd amounts less in fat. All the natural ingredients inside make it vegan and Kosher friendly as well.

I found the curd has less lemon juice than all 6 picks of today. It’s the sweetest lemon curd on the list, therefore. Don’t worry. It’s not sickeningly sweet. Because of low lemon, it’s a bit tart, though.

And I must warn you. Your next evening tea party, maybe that’s all one jar will last. People love to taste it by the spoonful.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfectly balanced lemon (%) is best for people who dislike sours
  • Serves 314 kilocalories in one jar
  • Best lemon toppings for Pavlova, sandwiched, meringue
  • Filled with all-natural ingredients
  • Kosher and vegan-friendly lemon curd
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5. Bonne Maman Curd Lemon For Low Fat

Bonne Maman Curd

French is the heart of all desserts and snacks. The brand Bonne Maman is originated from their fresh dairy production house.

I prefer low fat in my daily meal chart. That’s why this comes as one of the most favorite lemon curds on the list. It contains only 2.6g of fat and 11g of sugar, making your strong diet worry-free. And guess what! It’s 100% gluten-free also.

The curd holds low calories as well. The jar comes in with around 1200 calories. So, there’s no tension for calory burning.

If considering taste, it’s just scrumptious! Not only adults but also kids also find this lemon curd exquisite.

It’s not overly tart because of using Tapioca Starch. You can have it with biscuits, toast, croissants, etc. But negative marking goes for cookies like the Thumbprint. Make sure to keep it in the fridge after opening.

Highlighted Features

  • Nearly zero fat suits best for people in solid dieting
  • Good for spreading and baking foods
  • 1.2 kcal boosts for serving you daylong energy
  • Mixes pretty well with additional lemon juice
  • Gluten-free, saves you from unnecessary calory burning.
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6. Mrs Bridges Lemon Curd – Best Homemade Lemon Curd Alternative

With over 150 products, including chutney, curds, mustards, salsas, Mrs. Bridges is one of the renowned brands in the consumer goods industry. The brand was first initiated in Victorian England by Kate Bridges in the late 60s. It’s not just a lemon curd; it’s a culture and tradition of decades.

Before I go further, you should know this lemon curd is mainly for foodies who don’t care about ingredients or measurements. I count it in today’s lemon curd list because of its desirable yummy taste.

The curd is very rich in sugar (67.3g per 100g of serving.) Besides, there’re foodstuffs like pasteurized eggs and fresh butter. Along with a high amount of zing and zesty flavor, you get a mouthwatering taste every time, with every spoonful.

It comes with 13.2g of limited carbohydrates, that’s a good balance for average dieting. Also, it’s completely salt-free.

As I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t taste sour at all. And it’s because the curd mix has only 4% of concentrated lemon juice.

All ingredients provide you with 341 kcals. So, if you’re looking for a daily dish to boost up your calorie need, it’s the right pick.

Highlighted Features

  • A low amount of lemon flavor keeps the curd less sour
  • Filled with acidity regulators makes your stomach happy
  • Added fruit Pectin keeps curds more consistent with a smooth texture
  • Fruit citric acid increases lifetime up to 2 years
  • No artificial additives were added in the process
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Comparison Chart Of Lemon Curd

Product Name

Weights (Gram)

Concentrate Lemon

Added Specialty


Tiptree Lemon Curd



Salted butter


Dickinson’s Lemon Curd


Not mentioned

Locust bean gum


Ellenos Lemon Curd





Chivers Lemon Curd





Bonne Maman Lemon Curd


Not mentioned



Mrs Bridges Lemon Curd



Pasteurized eggs


How Do You Make Lemon Curd?

Curious about how top chefs make finger-licking lemon curd? Well, making this lip-smacking recipe is actually easy. Read this section to learn the secret recipe of lemon curd.

To make your first easy-peasy lemon curd, you will need fresh lemon, eggs (with yolk if you prefer), butter, granulated sugar, vanilla, and lemon zest.

Let’s jump into the recipe.

Step 1

First, slice each lemon into two pieces and squeeze them to extract the juice. Strain seeds and pulps from the juice. (You’ll need 2 and a quarter cups of lemon juice)

Step 2

Use an electric beater and whisk all eggs with sugar until the mixture becomes creamier or gets proper consistency. It may take up to four minutes usually. You can also try this with hand whisk. Then blend the lemon juice with the mixture.

Step 3

In this step, you will cook the blend on the stove. Set the temperature to somewhat low-medium and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Use your spatula to stir the mixture constantly. It’s just like making custard. Turn off the heat when you see it bubble in the edge of your pot or pan.

Step 4

Now add some butter to the mixture. Stir it again to blend it well. When the temperature goes down to normal, add vanilla.

Step 5

Add the strained zest into it if you want the curd to be lemonier. Pour it into a glass jar. Use a plastic wrapper to cover the jar. It’ll safeguard the curd from creating films on the top.

And finally, keep it in the refrigerator. You can serve it with any snacks or desserts just after 2-3 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make Alton brown lemon curd?

Alton uses citrus in his lemon curds. That’s what makes his ones special. You can follow the lemon curd recipe guidance above; just add citrus to get his flavor.

2. What does lemon curd go well with?

It’s quite versatile with dishes. Lemon curd on toast, cookies, pies, cakes, rolls all serve a pleasant taste. You can also try this with French desserts like CrΓ¨me Brulee, Palmier Cookies, Apple Cranberry Galette, French Fig Tart, etc.

3. How long will homemade lemon curd last?

A statement came from NCHFP (National Center of Home Food Preservation.) It says that your homemade lemon curd can last up to 30 days. But you should keep it in an airtight jar and fridge after every consumption.

4. What’s the difference between lemon cheese and lemon curd?

Some may say these are different supplements and mark the tarter form of lemon curd as a distinguishable factor. But there’s some lemon curd, too (listed above), that is just as buttery as lemon cheese. Besides, the ingredients are almost the same. But lemon cheese has more shelf life after opening.

Editor’s Verdict

Lemon curd is the perfect resemble of cheese. It adds good nutritious compliments in almost all deserts. The combination of yummy dairy and lemony taste made it a favorite to millions. And just like those people, even you can’t resist yourself to steal a spoonful late at night.

I tried to share my thoughts about only safe brands for health and taste good. Hopefully, this best lemon curd made your stress down and helped to pick the right one for your daily breakfast. Don’t forget to buzz me with your first buying experience.

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