5 Best Roquefort Cheese in 2023

If you want rich cheese aged in a special environment for an outcome of a bunch of mouthwatering flavors, nothing can beat different types of Roquefort cheeses. Because these are not the regular cheeses with average taste and flavor.

There are a lot of brands producing Roquefort cheeses. But which one can be the star of your dinner and offer you the richest taste of blue cheese? Trying each and every type of cheese surely sounds unrealistic.

Hold on and buckle up because we are here with the 5 best roquefort cheese worthy of all your attention.

These cheeses were enlisted based on their popularity and customers’ feedback from all across the globe. Also, we did consider the texture, creaminess, versatility, and nutrients to pick these 5 products among hundreds of them.

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What Is Roquefort Cheese?

Made from the milk of Lacaune sheep, Roquefort cheese is a unique kind of blue cheese that is originally made in France. It has a bunch of unique characteristics that make it the best blue cheese around the world.

When you see a block of pure Roquefort cheese, you would notice a crumbled body where strokes of blues are seen inside and outside the block.

The aging process of this cheese produces a lot of complex, aromatic, and intense flavors. It is soft, creamy, rich, and firm, which goes well with sweet and zesty fruits, salads, and different types of meat.

Our Top 5 Best Roquefort Cheese Reviews

If you are struggling to find a good quality Roquefort cheese among a bunch of varieties, relax a bit because we have here discussed the 5 best ones for your convenience.

1. Organic Valley Cheese

Organic Valley Cheese

For an organic addition to all your salads, fast foods, and every kind of stuffed meal; no cheese substitute works as great as the Organic Valley blue cheese. The cheese is completely organic and free from any kind of artificial preservatives, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

This top-rated cheese is made from pure pasteurized milk, and loaded with necessary vitamins, calcium, sodium, and enzymes that are highly beneficial to our health. It is undoubtedly a healthy choice for you because no GMO and synthetic hormones are added to it.

You can sprinkle the small crumbles of this Roquefort blue cheese on salads, pasta, and nachos, while medium-sized chunks of them are perfect for burgers and sandwiches. You may enjoy this organic cheese with almost every meal, whether appetizers or main courses.

It melts quickly if heated up and converts into a creamy, buttery texture. For convenient use, each pack contains different size variations of cheese crumbles.

For offering a rich Roquefort cheese taste, Organic Valley has produced this blue cheese with conveniently sized crumbles that have a creamy and soft texture to combine with every dish. It has been aged in caves maintaining proper temperature so that the creaminess with tangy flavor remains well-maintained.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with fresh milk and natural flavors
  • No added preservatives and artificial hormones for ensuring safety
  • Versatile crumbled cheese can be used for various meal preparations
  • Soft and creamy texture melts into your mouth
  • Loaded with proteins, minerals, and enzymes
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2. 365 Whole Foods Market Cheese Blue Crumbles Organic

365 Whole Foods Market Cheese Blue Crumbles Organic

If you are looking for a pure vegetarian option for blue cheese, the vegetarian cheese range of 365 Whole Foods Market might be the perfect choice for you. Because you will rarely find any other brand offering you high-quality blue cheese at such a budget-friendly price range.

It is a USDA-certified blue cheese that is produced and stored according to certain safety food standards and doesn’t contain any harmful elements like preservatives, artificial flavors, and hormones.

Powdered cellulose is used in this cheese to prevent caking. As a result, the crumbles don’t stick together even if kept at room temperature.

You can mix the powdered cheese crumbles with seasoning oil and use the mixture as a salad dressing. The medium-sized crumbles and cheese chunks are great for fast foods like pizza, pasta, burgers, and sandwiches. You may follow any Roquefort cheese recipe and use these blue crumbles easily.

Made with organic pasteurized milk, this cheese contains calcium, sodium, proteins, and microbial enzymes that are essential for our immunity and gut health.

If you want the best Roquefort cheese to use in various dishes, this organic blue cheese should be on your top priority list.

Highlighted Features

  •  A great source of minerals and proteins
  • Different sized chunks are convenient to use in various dishes
  • Maintains international food standards to ensure safety to your health
  • Soft and creamy Roquefort cheese melts quickly when heated up
  • Enhances the taste of every food providing a burst of flavors
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3. DANEKO Imported Danish Extra Creamy Blue Cheese

ANEKO Imported Danish Extra Creamy Blue Cheese

Roquefort cheese is called the “cheese of kings and popes” because of its richness of flavors. Among different types of Roquefort cheeses, the Danish blue cheese is more popular because of the addition of extra cream with it. The cream adds a unique taste with a bit of sweetness and mild tanginess.

The traditional Danish cheese by DANEKO has some unique characteristics that make it one of a kind. Once you have this fresh cheese with any dish, you can experience a pleasant aroma spreading over your whole dining.

This cheese goes through a perfectly maintained aging process that keeps the flavors balanced. You will experience both sweet and tangy flavors bursting into your mouth with intense richness. Whether you have it with appetizers or main dishes, the soft and firm crumbles will turn every meal into a delicious one.

It is enriched with different minerals, proteins, and microbial enzymes, making it a superfood. You can sprinkle it on salads or use the medium-sized crumbles with pasta or burgers. The sliced blue cheese can be a great side dish with appetizers and other meat dishes.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra soft, aromatic, and flavorful because of using cream
  • Made with pure pasteurized milk loaded with nutrients that are beneficial to your health
  • Melts easily after you microwave it for a few seconds
  • Offers different flavors that combine well with every type of food
  • Can be used both as chunks and slices
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4. Roquefort Blue Cheese Societe Bee

Roquefort Blue Cheese Societe Bee

For those who want traditional blue cheese of crumbled moist body and tangy taste, Society Bee has produced a range of whole cheese imported from the land of Roquefort cheeses. These are aged in temperature-controlled caves so that you experience an outcome of intense flavors.

It is made with fresh and raw milk of Lacaune sheep which is responsible for the slightly moist yet firm body of the cheese. The blue veins spread over the crumbly body represent the high quality of this classic French Roquefort cheese.

As the cheese wheel is large, the packaging includes an insulated wrapper so that you can store the wheel for several days without ruining the freshness.

The cheese cellars that are used by this brand allow necessary air circulation, which maintains the proper humidity suitable for the production of this cheese. It undergoes a properly scrutinized process.

It melts into a soft and creamy texture to use over salads and steaks. Besides, you may have it sliced with different appetizers. A bunch of nutrients is loaded in this cheese that offers you an energy-packed meal, whether for breakfast or lunch.

Highlighted Features

  • Classic Roquefort cheese with perfectly balanced flavors
  • Soft yet firm body for cutting into thin slices
  • The saltiness isn’t too strong to cover up the other flavors
  • Melts easily when heated up – converting into a smooth and creamy texture
  • Insulated packaging keeps it fresh for a long time
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5. Marketside Crumbles Blue Cheese

Marketside Crumbles Blue Cheese

Last but not the least, we have such a blue cheese that is aged for the longest time to maintain some distinctive flavors. These flavors are not so common among regular blue cheese, and that is what makes it one of a kind.

It is the perfect queso Roquefort with a bit of peppery taste that you can have with side dishes like garlic toasts and flatbreads. Besides, you might mix it with different sauces or pair it with zesty fruit slices to add a punch of rich and creamy yet tangy flavor.

Marketside has produced their traditional blue cheese with raw cow’s milk, and so all the nutrients remain well maintained while aging in a distinctive environment. The quality and freshness of it make any dish a wholesome one.

Potato starch has been used in this blue cheese to prevent caking. So, the crumbles don’t stick with one another, and you can use different-sized crumbles according to the dish you are preparing.

It is a great source of calcium and sodium that fulfills your daily need for these minerals. Besides, it provides loads of vitamins and microbial enzymes that make any dish a wholesome meal, whether as a snack or main course.

Highlighted Features

  • Longer aging time ensures well-balanced flavors
  • Soft and creamy texture makes it a sophisticated blue cheese
  • Loaded with a bunch of nutrients for an energy-packed meal
  • Can be used both as crumbled and melted cheese
  • Suitable for using in a variety of dishes, including salads, fruits, and meat
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Things to Consider Before BUYING Roquefort Cheese

Getting familiar with various cheese types is not enough to buy the perfect Roquefort cheese. You need to know several factors while picking up your desired cheese. These are briefly stated below.

1. Texture

Pure Roquefort cheese has a milky white crumbled body with a soft and moist texture. But it is firm enough to cut into slices. Emerald green and blue veins are spreading around the whole cheese wheel are like a visual representation of the richness and high quality.

If you notice any yellowish shade on the cheese body, check if it is the traditional Roquefort cheese or not.

2. Taste

Generally, different types of cheese have unique tastes and flavors, which depend on the aging process as well as the used elements. But every type of Roquefort cheese offers a common taste, a mix of savory and tangy flavors.

But often, you will find cheeses with a mild sweetness or a bit of peppery taste. So, choose according to your taste preferences while picking up any cheese for yourself.

3. Nutrients

Roquefort cheeses are a great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proteins that are highly beneficial to your health. You will often see that some brands provide less saturated fat and microbial enzymes with these cheeses. But these two elements are more than necessary to boost up your energy.

Almost every Roquefort cheese pack has a list of nutrients that you can have with that cheese. Check that list and buy according to your needs. 

4. Variations of Crumbles

If you are buying cheese for salads, burgers, or sandwiches, choose such a Roquefort cheese which can be used as medium-sized crumbles. As a side dish with meat and some appetizers, sliced cheese is great as you can pair them with fries and steaks.

Creamy and buttery cheese dips are an all-time favorite for most people. In these dips and several sauces, powdered Roquefort cheese crumbles are convenient to use. You should consider these variations of crumble sizes while you buy cheeses.

5. Easy Melting

You won’t experience the rich and creamy flavor of Roquefort blue cheese if it doesn’t melt completely and leaves a grainy texture. Some brands produce such cheese, which melts very slowly in the microwave. Even after a few minutes, they might preserve their previous shape without melting completely.

So, easy-melted cheeses are always preferable for every dish. Because who doesn’t want soft melted cheese inside a hot sandwich that combines beautifully with all the flavors and textures?

6. Safety Standards

It is more than essential to ensure that your desired cheese has passed all the necessary safety standards or not because you will find a lot of cheap cheese brands that don’t maintain any safety standards yet claim their cheese as the best one among others.

Before you select any Roquefort cheese, check if any preservative, growth hormone or artificial flavor is added with it or not. Buy only after being sure about the food safety certifications and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Roquefort more popular than most other cheeses?

Unlike the regular cheeses, Roquefort is produced and aged through unique procedures and methods. This enables this cheese to be more flavorful, softer, and creamier than other cheeses out there.

2. What milk is used for producing Roquefort cheese?

Traditional French Roquefort cheese is made with the milk of Lacaune Sheep. But many classic Roquefort kinds of cheese are made with raw and fresh cow’s milk.

3. Why does Roquefort cheese have blue veins in the body?

The vital element that is responsible for the blue veins in the Roquefort cheese is a type of bacteria called “penicillium roqueforti”. It ripens the cheese producing greenish-blue veins around the whole body of the cheese.

4. How to store Roquefort cheese?

Generally, it is not a wise decision to keep this cheese at room temperature for more than four hours. You can store them in the refrigerator for several days by wrapping them with an insulating paper or cover.

5. Do the cheese crumbles stick together?

Often you will find some brands using potato starch while producing Roquefort blue cheese. This starch prevents the cheese crumbles from caking.

Final Words

For all the cheese lovers out there, the Roquefort cheese could be the ultimate choice as it is considered the best blue cheese around the world.

Hope this article could be a help to choose the best Roquefort cheese that would turn any dish into a spectacular one by its rich, creamy, and tangy flavors.

Avoid keeping the cheese at room temperature and store it following proper methods instructed in the cheese pack so that you may use it for a long time.

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