5 Best Stove for Canning Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

If you’ve canned food before, you know that it can be pretty tedious. Not only does the process take some patience, but it can become challenging without the right equipment.

That is why we’ve scoured the market to find you the best stove for canning.

Can a good stove really make that big of a difference? We can say from personal experience that it will completely change the way you look at canning with stoves. We suggest making this investment ASAP.

To help you on your search for the perfect equipment, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most reliable products that you can buy right now.

This Table Will Be Very Helpful For Choosing A Stove for Canning in Short Time

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Concord Banjo Burner Portable Gas Stove

Basecamp Angle Iron Stove, Multi

Camp Chef Explorer

Camp Chef Pro Single Burner Stove

Camplux Propane Burner, Single Outdoor Stove

Benefits of Using Stove for Canning

Before you take a look at our favorite products on the market, we know what you might be thinking; “why should I be canning food on a stove?”

First off, in defense of canning food, it is a super underutilized life hack. Not only are you preserving the food for an insanely long amount of time, but you’re also preserving a lot of its nutrients.

The only way to can food at home is using a stove. Canning food at home has numerous benefits, and we’ll be discussing all of them briefly.


You are not using disposable cans and opting for reusable mason jars. It goes without saying: recycling is a big plus for mother earth.

To Your Taste

You have a lot more control. You get to determine exactly how much salt you use in the brine or what preservatives to use. The flavor can be exactly how you want it.


Most pre-canned products contain a dangerous chemical called BPA, which is especially harmful to children. Canning your food is an easy way to avoid this health risk.


Canning using a stove is much cheaper than steam or pressure canning. Buying store-bought canned products doesn’t cost much, but it sure is more expensive than doing it at home.

Our Top 5 Best Stove for Canning Reviewes

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 of the most solid canning stoves that the market has to offer:

1. Concord Banjo

Greetings from Lebanon, a small yet famous nation in the middle east (Fun fact: birthplace of the beautiful Amal Clooney); Concord is a growing brand for stoves.

Its growth will skyrocket if it continues producing stoves like this one; Concord Banjo is easily one of the most versatile stoves on the market right now. We can’t find a single weakness in this thing.

This stove may have just one burner for starters, but it sure isn’t a weak one. In fact, with a power of up to 200,000 BTU, it is the most powerful stove on this list by a land mile.

It’s kind of overkill for canning which is why the CSA-certified regulator comes in super handy. CSA certification means that it meets the Canadian national standards. Basically, a thumbs up from the Canadian government.

This appliance is easy to store as well despite the large hot plate for canning. With dimensions of 16.5″x16.5″x12″ and detachable legs, storage is a piece of cake. The weight of 20 pounds may be a little bit of an issue, though.

Lastly, this is a good-looking stove. The heavy-duty cast iron not only makes it sturdy but also gives it a sleek black exterior.

Highlighted Features:

  • 200,000 BTU is more than you could ever need for canning
  • The CSA-certified regulator guarantees safety when using this appliance
  • The detachable legs make storage easy
  • Heavy-duty cast-iron makes this quite durable and stylish

2. Basecamp F235830 By Mr. Heater

Basecamp may be a small brand, but the stove indicates that in no way. The Basecamp F235830 is one of the best options you can get in its price range.

It has two burners as opposed to the one used by our first product, meaning that it’s possible to can two items simultaneously with this stove.

On the other hand, this still may not be as fast as Concord’s stove, though. With each stove register 15,000 BTU (that’s a grand total of 30,000 BTU), this stove is significantly weaker. Still, it’s enough for canning purposes.

On the plus side, this stove is still very small at 19.88″ x14.88″ x3.54″. In fact, this is actually portable, unlike the previous appliance, weighing just 8.3 pounds, making it a great option for your outdoor canning kitchen.

The stainless steel body doesn’t just give it an incredibly lightweight but also makes it quite robustly build. It’s as heat resistant as any other material.

The only complaint may be that it isn’t as durable as some other materials. Also, the black-tinted stainless steel looks great.

Highlighted Features:

  • The two burners are reliable as they generate a lot of heat
  • 15,000 BTU is enough for canning
  • Super lightweight makes it easy to travel with
  • Stainless steel is strong and heat-resistant

3. Camp Chef Explorer

Camp Chef is a pretty great brand when it comes to this category. In fact, we’d wager that they are the most reliable in terms of brand name for canning stoves. That’s a pretty high standard.

The question is, does this product live up to those standards? We say it exceeds our expectations. The Camp Chef Explorer is the stove for canning enthusiasts looking for speed.

Perhaps, the main reason why this yields such quick results is the power on this stove. Yes, it’s not nearly as much as the 200,000 BTU that Concord provides, but it doubles the 15,000 BTU Base Camp offers with 30,000 BTU of raw power.

“Wait, 30,000 BTU seems pretty normal.” Hold your horses. You’re absolutely right if we were talking about a single burner setup. Yeah, you guessed it; this is a double burner stove, each one clocking in at 30,000 BTU.

As we said, canning doesn’t require much power, so two burners of such immense power allow you to can products at insane speeds.

You can’t go wrong with black, and this cast aluminum beauty certainly does it right. It comes on a bit hot and heavy with dimensions of 34″ x29″ x14″ and a whopping weight of 30.5 pounds. That only goes to show how durable it is.

Highlighted Features:

  • The two burners are high-quality, so you get equal amounts of heat
  • Powerful 30,000 BTU burners come in handy
  • Sleek and stylish design catches the eye
  • Durable cast aluminum built lasts a while

4. Camp Chef Pro 30

Yet again, Camp Chef doesn’t fail to impress with an appliance that wows even the toughest of critics. This stove is the perfect option for those of you looking to can on the go.

The single-stove setup may be a bit of a disappointment considering the last two options lets you can two products at once, but it is a worthy sacrifice to make for this portable system.

On top of that, this stove reaches a maximum of 30,000 BTU, which is pretty average, as we touched upon previously. Again, this is more than enough for canning.

However, it is not light or small in any way. The dimensions of 23.5″ x5.5″ x10″ mean that this appliance is larger than the first two entries. The weight of 23 pounds might have seemed pretty impressive if Basecamp didn’t totally outplay it.

“How on earth is this the best portable system?” This stove is super easy to disassemble and reassemble. It’s advertised that you can attach it in 5 minutes. Even if you take twice the time, that’s still a quick setup.

This adds a touch of red to the black models we’ve seen before in terms of appearance. It’s classy, and we like it. The material is the same as the previous camp chef product.

Highlight Features:

  • 30,000 BTU burner is reliable for sealing cans faster
  • It is easy to assemble, so you won’t need to call for an expert
  • The great sturdy body is built to last, therefore making the product durable
  • The classy, traditional appearance blends well with the surroundings

5. Camplux JK-SL21

We end the list similarly to how we started it with another super balanced stove.

Camplux is a pretty young brand with just 18 years of experience, but this stove seems like the work of a seasoned veteran. It just might be the best stove for canning.

This is the only product on this list that can hold a candle to the Concord Banjo in terms of versatility. Much like the first product, it’s hard to find any flaws with this equipment.

It is also a single burner setup that does not lack power. In fact, it’s head and shoulders above the competition with 200,000 BTU, the only one that matches Concord.

We’re starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but you don’t need a lot of power for canning, and so we appreciate the high-quality regulator on this system as well. The regulator is CSA-certified on this appliance as well.

Surprisingly, this isn’t very hard to carry around. The dimensions of 15.75″ ×15.75″ ×16.9″ may cause some issues, but the weight of just 16.5 pounds and detachable legs help.

Lastly, the cast iron body comes in clutch here as well. The color is black for this stove as well, but you won’t find us complaining.

Highlighted Features:

  • The 200,000 BTU burner is almost excessive
  • The CSA-certified regulator is super useful, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps
  • Shockingly lightweight makes it portable
  • Cast iron body is super sturdy

Here’s a Quick Comparison Chart to Help You Make Your Decision:

Product50,000+ BTU SupportedSingle BurnerDetachable legsCSA-certified Regulator
Concord BanjoYesYesYesYes
Basecamp F235830NoNoNoNo
Camp Chef ExplorerYes NoYesNo
Camp Chef Pro 30NoYesYesNo
Camplux JK-SL21YesYesYesYes

Things to Consider Before Buying Stove for Canning

Now that you know what the finest stoves on the market are, it’s time to make a choice, and it isn’t an easy one.

You have to carefully analyze each of your options and pick one that perfectly suits your needs. The good news is we are here to help you with a buying guide. Let’s take a look at the features to prioritize.


It is a no-brainer; your budget definitely plays a significant role in what stove you should pick. Some of these stoves need you to break the bank, while the others are pretty cheap.

The products on the list hit a sweet spot in terms of price. Stoves priced higher are certainly not worth it, and you cannot trust the cheaper ones. We suggest setting a pretty high budget for this expense as you won’t need to change your stove often.

If you are restricted financially, however, Mr. Heater’s Basecamp F235830 is an excellent budget-friendly option.


We already mentioned that a stove was a one-time purchase, so you want to get the sturdiest appliance available.

It shouldn’t be too much of a concern for the products on the list, as they are all champions of durability. You will not be disappointed with the quality of material on any of the mentioned stoves.


The size of your stove determines the portability of your system. It is impossible to carry around a large stove everywhere.

We wouldn’t pay too much mind to this as canning is usually an indoor activity. If you are opting for an outdoor canning kitchen, however, Camplux JK-SL21 is an excellent option.

Number of Burners

Whatever you call them, plates or burners are largely a matter of how many dishes you are preparing at once.

A single burner means you can only can one product at a time. So if you are looking to speed up your canning sessions, we recommend going for the Camp Chef Explorer or Basecamp F235830.

Cooking Power

Contrary to common belief, the number of burners has nothing to do with power. In fact, Concord Banjo and Camplux JK-SL21 are the most powerful stoves on this list, and they are both single burner systems.

Canning doesn’t require a lot of power, so again, keep this low on your list of priorities if your main purpose is canning.


Next up, something that you must prioritize is safety. The good news is all of the stoves we mentioned have excellent structure quality and ergonomics.

The double burners have adequate space between them, and Concord Banjo and Camplux JK-SL21 both have CSA-listed regulators.


Lastly, accessories are an excellent addition to any product. It’s not any different in the case of stoves. Our favorite accessory is definitely the three-sided windscreen offered by Camp Chef Explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I can food using a stove?

Ans: There are many ways to do it, but we’ll glance over the simplest method. All you need are a mason jar, tongs, and a boiling pot.

Seal your food in the jar and put it in a water bath. Retrieve the jar using the tongs and leave it cool. Voila! You have canned food.

Q: Does canning food destroy any nutrients?

Ans: Naturally, since the process involves heating, it does take its toll on a few nutrients. Namely, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamins A and C take a big hit. However, it preserves all the other fat-soluble vitamins, proteins, carbs, minerals, and fat.

Q: Should I use an electric stove or gas stove?

Ans: You may have noticed we didn’t mention a single electric burner for canning. That’s because we agree with “Uncle Roger” on this matter; playing it traditional is the way to go!

Q: What are the most popular brands for canning stoves?

Ans: None of the brands we mentioned are very popular, but they are a league above the competition. Concord and Camp Chef are a little more popular than the other brands on this list.

Q: Can I use these stoves for other purposes?

Ans: Yes. Of course, you can. We wouldn’t be recommending single-purpose appliances to you.

Final Words

We hope you found this quick guide to finding the best stove for canning with our best recommendation helpful.

Each and every one of the products we mention is a league above all of the rest in the market. If we had to pick a favorite, it would be the Concord Banjo or Basecamp F235830 By Mr. Heater.

Both of them are incredibly well-rounded options in terms of heat generation and sturdy structure.
With that, we bid you adieu and the best of luck on all your future canning adventures.

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