10 Best Stropping Compound Reviews | Buying Guide 2023

Those who are new to stropping might not know what kind of stropping compound they should get started with. And that is totally fine!

Choosing an ideal stropping compound isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to get the grit right; otherwise, you are gonna end up damaging your knife.

So, if you are a newcomer to this, I urge you to go through the list to find the best stropping compound according to your preference and need.

We have made sure that all these stropping compounds come with suitable grit so that you get a finely polished blade. The majority of the users seem to be pretty satisfied with these compounds, hoping the same for you as well.

Let’s dive right in!

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BeaverCraft Leather Paddle Stropper 

SHARPAL  Polishing Compound 

Beaver Craft Strop Leather Kit

Lavoda Leather Honing Strop & Polishing Compound

Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop Kit

Our Recommended Best Stropping Compound

1. BeaverCraft Leather Paddle Stropper & Compound

BeaverCraft Leather Paddle Stropper & Compound

This brand is one of the pioneers of the wood carving tool industry. They never fail to amaze their users with top-notch quality and reasonable prices.

And here we’re talking about the BreaverCraft LS6PI honing stropper kit. The kit includes a green stropping compound that is 7 microns or 3000 grit.

If your knife is already sharp, and now you want it to be even better, this 7-micron compound will satisfy you.

It is also a suitable option if you are a beginner and have just started using stropping compounds. With time, you can shift to coarser compounds.

Let’s see what else comes in the kit!

Along with a nice compound, you also get a double-sided leather strop. Newbies to experienced, the stropper is suitable for everyone.

One thing I liked much about the stropper was the handle. Holding comfort is always a problem with the stropper.

But this one seems to wipe that out completely. The handle is extremely durable, thanks to ashwood construction. And it is pretty comfortable as well.

On top of that, the handle shaft makes it easy to use both sides of the stropper. So overall, there is nothing that should stop you from labeling this as one of the best stropping compounds.

Highlighted Features

  • Packs a 3000-Grit green stropping compound
  • Polishes and removes burr properly
  • Comes with a double-sided leather stropper
  • Ashwood constructed handle lasts long
  • The well-designed handle gives a comfortable grip
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2. SHARPAL 208H 4 OZ Polishing Compound Fine Green Buffing Compound

SHARPAL 208H 4 OZ Polishing Compound Fine Green Buffing Compound

Do you know what makes this Sharpal 208H compound stand out from the rest? The beautiful mirror shine it brings to the blades!

It is a medium to fine grit compound, good enough to buff the blades so well that their bright shine will be better than the new ones.

Not only knives, but this compound also allows you to buff any wood carving tool with ease.

Using the compound is a breeze. You just need to rub the stropper leather a few times with it; when you see the compound getting attached to the leather,  you can strop your blades; 10 times for each side should be enough.

For polishing, this compound can be used on buffing wheels; and use it on the leather for sharpening or shining chisels, knives, and razors.

This compound works great with spiral sewn buffing wheels and soft muslin.

Whatever carving tool you have, use this compound; it will make those shine bright like new.

Highlighted Features

  • Medium to fine grit stropping compound
  • Works best on aluminum and stainless-steel items
  • Most suitable for sewn buffing wheels and soft muslin leather
  • Easy to attach the compound to the stropper
  • Shines carving tools like mirrors
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3. Beaver Craft Stropping Leather Strop Kit

Beaver Craft Stropping Leather Strop Kit

The only reason why this BeaverCraft kit is found on the best strop compound list is the minimal effort it requires to sharpen or polish carving tools.

Whether it is razors, knives, chisels, or any other carving tool, this stropping compound will ensure that each one is shining bright, thanks to its fine grit.

It is very easy to apply on the leather, just rub for a few seconds, and you’re done.

This kit comes with a double-sided Leather Stropper as well. One side is smooth, and the other side is rough.

You should only add compound to the smoother side; this side is meant for polishing, while the rougher or fine grit side is for sharpening.

The size of this stropper is pretty convenient to be carried or used anywhere.

However, it lacks a comfortable handle, which could have made it even easier to polish or sharpen blades.

Right after you purchase this unit, you will get a private message from the manufacturer and an eBook that will help you with information regarding polishing and sharpening.

Highlighted Features

  • The kit includes a double-sided leather stropper
  • Features a fine grit polishing compound
  • Takes very minimal effort to polish properly
  • Comes with a smooth and rough side
  • Stropper is portable, the size is convenient
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4. Lavoda Leather Honing Strop & Polishing Compound

Leather Honing Strop & Polishing Compound

Well, this Lavoda Leather honing strop kit includes two polishing compounds in it, white and green. These are extremely fine-grit compounds, ready to sharpen any wood carving tool you offer.

Due to the extreme fine grit, it is suggested to use this compound at the final stage of sharpening. This compound can take care of hardened metal carving tools as well. But keep in mind that high grit will wear the blade more.

It comes with a double-sided leather strop with one smooth side and another suede side. People use each part for a different purpose; you will have to figure that out yourself.

Usually, for plain stropping, people use the smooth side and use compound on the suede side.

The strop comes in a portable size. And one impressive part of this strop is it features slip-resistant rubber feet, so when you start stropping the knife, the stropper won’t move. However, it still cannot resemble the comfort of a handle.

This strop and compound will help you mirror shine anything from kitchen knives to axes.

Highlighted Features

  • Extreme fine grip stropping compound
  • Comes with a double-sided leather stropper
  • Knives to ax, this compound can mirror shine anything
  • Works perfectly with hardened metal blades
  • Stropper features slip-resistant rubber feet
  • Comes with a guide that shows the efficient way of stropping blades.
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5. Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop Kit

Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop Kit

The Sharp Pebble classic leather strop kit is perfect for woodcarvers and chefs. The kit packs a green medium grit strop compound which will do good polishing without requiring much effort.

The compound is very easy to apply on the strop; you just make sure to cover the entire strop.

Talking about strop, this kit includes a bamboo base leather strop that is heavily constructed. It is lightweight, and the base has slip-resistant rubber to make stropping comfortable.

Moreover, it features cowhide leather, and with the right amount of compound, you can easily get a mirror shine blade edge.

Keep the stropper pressed onto the ground when stropping; it won’t move at all. From chef’s knife to woodworking chisel, the stropper and the compound will allow you to polish anything you want.

Lastly, the package includes an eBook on different tips and tricks as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Medium fine grit green strop compound requires less effort to polish
  • The stropper features a bamboo base and non-slip rubber feet
  • Comes with cowhide leather that gives good polishing
  • Multi-purpose compound and stropper
  • Comes with an instruction eBook that shows the proper way of polishing
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6. BeaverCraft P02 Polishing Compound

BeaverCraft P02 Polishing Compound

Similar to their other products, this compound is also premium quality maintained and processed with the best materials, yet it’s comparatively cheap.

The compound bar is thin and robust shaped for an easy and firm grip, making it comfortable to use, even outdoors.

Carry it in your pouch or bag pocket effortlessly while you’re working outdoors or out bushcraft camping in the woods.

Materials used to process this compound are silicon carbide and white aluminum oxide, both effective and prevalent abrasive materials.

The compound’s grain size is 7-5 microns, and it has a 3000-4000 grit, making it a fine abrasive.

Furthermore, the stropping compound is green-colored, which means it is crafted for finer polishing, buffering, and sharpening utilizations for all your green woodworking tools.

Use it conveniently for various materials like stainless steel, brass, copper, cast iron, aluminum and expect astonishing results.

This strop compound is an excellent choice for getting sharp and smooth edges on all your knives, chisels, or other green woodworking and carving tools. It works on all kinds of knives, including hook ones and spoon gouges.

Highlighted Features

  • The green color indicates medium abrasive grain
  • 7-5 micron grain size and 3000-4000 grit
  • Made of silicon carbide and white aluminum oxide
  • Provides finer polish and sharpening for all kinds of knives
  • Easy to carry and use both indoors and outdoors
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7. GadgetVlot Double-Sided Leather Blades Strop & Polishing Compound Set

GadgetVlot  Leather Blades Strop & Polishing Compound

Think of any gadgets or accessories you may need for your household; GadgetVlot most likely has it for you. With their exceptionally versatile and quality domestic stock collection, this brand can get you what you’re looking for.

The stropping compound comes as a set along with a wooden, double-sided leather strop. This set offers an exceptionally good value deal for its price.

With a wooden handle, having a hole punched in it for attaching a lanyard, the leather strop is really convenient to use compared to other typical tools. It is moderate in size but not too small, making it easier to use and carry.

The strop is double-sided, with one side a little rougher than the other. You can use any of the sides, with or without polishing compound, according to your preference. But I would recommend using the compound for sharpening purposes. 

A green-colored, chrome oxide, quality polishing compound comes with the set, which has a micro-fine abrasiveness. The compound works effectively on different metals and alloys and provides satisfactory polishing and sharpening to knives, chisels, and woodworking tools.

Also, the quality it provides for its affordable price, this strop combo is undoubtedly one of the best products money can buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Two different textured strop sides for versatile use
  • Wooden handle with lanyard hole for easy use
  • Compact in size, so it is portable
  • Green medium fine polishing compound
  • Compound suitable for different metals and alloys
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8. Hutsuls Brown Leather Strop with Compound

Hutsuls Brown Leather Strop with Compound

The product we will discuss now is also a strop-compound bundle by Hutsuls. Hutsuls provides the finest artisan woodworking tools and materials for your taste and need.

Crafted using premium organic buffalo leather, this dual-sided strop is one of the best knife stropping tools you’ll find in the market. One of its sides has a smooth texture, and the other one has a slightly rougher surface.

Use any side for honing your blades according to your needs. You can use it to polish and sharpen your carving and whittling knives, chisels, plane blades, daggers, bench knives, axes, steak knives, cleavers, pocket knives, etc.

The bundle comes with a quality block of a green, ultra-fine stropping compound. It has an abrasive grain size of 0.5 microns, 50000 grit. The compound will help you reinstate the razor-sharp edge of your knife blades and provide a mirror polish to them.

Use the compound with different metals and alloys without worry. It’s appropriate for any hard metals, stainless steel, hard alloy, cast iron blades, and tools.

The strop is easy to carry in your bag for outdoor use. Use the strop-compound bundle for getting that sharp, keen edge for all sorts of blades and knives, especially used in woodworking and kitchen. 

Highlighted Features

  • Different textured double strop sides for customized use
  • 100% organic buffalo leather made strop
  • Convenient to carry for outdoor use
  • Green polishing compound, ultra-fine abrasiveness
  • Compound’s abrasive grain size is 0.5 micron, 50000 grit
  • The compound is suitable for hard metals and alloys
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9. BeaverCraft LS4P1 Leather Strop Stropping Block Kit

BeaverCraft LS4P1 Leather Strop Stropping Block Kit

The crafty European beavers made it on the list for the best stropping kit again with another one of their great products. It’s one of Beavercraft’s combo products that comes with both a high-quality pure leather strop and a block of the stropping compound.

Made of high-quality cowhide leather, the strop is an excellent choice for sharpening and polishing all sorts of blades. A stout wooden base supports the whole strop surface.

The strop comes with a compound rubbed on the leather surface so that you can start using it right after you unpack it.

With the coarse leather surface, you can easily rub out any blemish from your blade. All you have to do is rub your blade against the bare surface of the strop without applying any polishing compound. But there is no alternative to using your stropping compound for getting a keenly sharp edge and mirror polishing.  

A green-colored block of a quality stropping compound is included in the bundle. The compound is of micro-fine abrasiveness, having an abrasive grain value of 7 microns and a grit value of 3000.

Additionally, the compound is suitable for polishing and sharpening any metal, brass, stainless steel, or cast-iron tools and knives. Other than hook knives and spoon gouges, use the bundle on any sort of woodworking and kitchen blades to get a razor-sharp edge and mirror polish.

     Highlighted Features

  • Original cowhide leather crafted coarse surface
  • Leather surface with compound rubbed in
  • Robust wooden base
  • The kit comes with a green stropping compound of medium-fine abrasiveness
  • Abrasive grain value of compound is 7 micron, grit is 3000
  • Convenient for outdoor use as easily carriable
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 10. Sharpal 204N Leather Strop Kit

Sharpal 204N Leather Strop Kit

You can probably guess from the name that guys from Sharpal have a passion for sharpening things. Sharpal is a pioneering and innovative manufacturer in the business of selling knife and tool sharpeners.

The kit includes a robust beech body supported leather strop, a block of a green stropping compound, and a patent-pending sharpening angle guide tool.

A genuine cowhide leather crafted strop surface is fixated securely on the beech woodblock for building this strop. The leather surface is processed with the vegetable tanned and fine ground for a smoother finish.

The buffing compound is green colored and of medium-fine abrasiveness. This compound’s grain size is almost 3-4 microns, with a grit value of 6000. The compound is best for a medium to fine polish for all sorts of knives and straight blades you have.

Anti-slip mats are attached at the bottom of the block to make it convenient to use.   The beechwood body is robust and beautiful looking, which provides tremendous support. Angle guide provides 4 different universal angles to sharpen your knife regardless of the blade size.

Above all that, the tool is easily carriable and can be the most reliable friend in your outdoor projects or bushcraft ventures.

     Highlighted Features  

  • Original cowhide leather crafted surface
  • Vegetable-tanned and fine ground processed surface for a smooth finish
  • A green-colored buffing compound, medium-fine abrasiveness
  • The compound’s grain size is 3-4 microns; grit is 6000
  • Anti-slip mats are attached at the bottom
  • Additional angle guide for support
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Quick Comparison Table Of Stropping Compound






BeaverCraft LS6P1 Leather Paddle Honing Stropper & Compound


2 oz


Leather Stropper

SHARPAL 208H 4 OZ Polishing Compound Fine Green Buffing Compound


2.05 oz

Medium To Fine

Compound only

BeaverCraft Stropping Leather Strop Kit.


2.11 oz


Leather Stropper

Leather Honing Strop with Green White Polishing Compound.

White and Green

2.4 oz

Extreme Fine

Leather Stropper

Sharp Pebble Classic Leather Strop kit.


2 oz


Leather Stropper

BeaverCraft P02 Polishing Compound


1.76 oz


Compound only

GadgetVlot Double-Sided Leather Blades Strop & Polishing Compound Set




Leather strop and compound

Hutsuls Brown Leather Strop with Compound


2.89 oz

Extreme Fine

Leather strop and compound

BeaverCraft LS4P1 Leather Strop Stropping Block Kit


9.1 oz


Leather strop and compound

Sharpal 204N Leather Strop Kit


2 oz

Medium to fine

Leather strop and compound

Things to Consider Before Buying Stropping Compound

Stropping is the process of sharpening a blade as well as removing all the unnecessary scratches and blemishes off of it to give it a nice polish. A strop is the strip of a flat surface of the appropriate material on which the process of stropping is executed.  

Basic stropping is a really simple process. All you need is a strop to fixate on a solid board, on which you can rub your blade across. Leather is an excellent choice as a stropping material. 

But things get complicated when you aim for better sharpening and polishing results. We spread stropping compound on the strop that comes in different colors and qualities to accelerate the sharpening process. Before you finalize the purchase, you should know the following basic stuff –

(A) Choosing Strop

Stropping leather typically comes in two types, smooth and suede, and the suede ones have a coarser texture than the smooth ones. Choosing between them depends on your personal preference and what types of blades you are stropping.

Usually, suede strops are used with polishing compounds applied to allow them to be versatile. You can also use the coarser surface of suede strops to remove any blemish or major irregularities.

It is traditional to strop straight razor blades on smooth leathers without compound because of the low-angle edges found on this type of blade. If you are new to this, it’s a good choice to wield a double-sided strop with both types of surfaces so that you can find out which one’s best for you.

(B) Understanding Stropping Compounds

Stropping compounds are abrasive chemicals available as wax bar, paste, powder, or spray that you apply directly to your strop to accelerate your sharpening and polishing process.

These compounds come in different colors, grains, and grit ratings. To choose a compound that’ll be suitable for your use, you need to have at least a basic idea about its colors and ratings.

(C) Grain Size and Grit

Grit ratings and grains will help you realize if the compound is for hard, aggressive, or soft, fine finish. Grain size is the average diameter of individual abrasive grains in the compound bar, and the smaller the grain size, the finer finish the compound will provide.

Grit is inversely related to grain size, so smaller grain size means higher grit. These ratings will help you follow a compound’s abrasiveness and choose accordingly.

(D) Understanding the Colors

An industry standard is set for these compounds dividing them into different colors based on their abrasiveness. The most distinct and popular ones are black, green, white, and red

1. Black

Black compounds are the most abrasive and coarse ones. Use them to eliminate scratches, grind lines, and irregularities from your blades and make the blades sharp enough. They’re of large grain size and hard grit and not for finer finish and polish.

2. Green

Green stropping compounds are the most widely used ones among all. It can give a finer sharpening and polish for most of your blades, chisels, and tools.

If your blade is damaged, use the black compound for removing the blemish and then use green for a fine razor-sharp blade and mirror polish.

3. White

White stropping compounds are of very fine grain. Having a high grit, they are used to strop straight knives and blades if extreme sharpness and mirror shine polish is necessary.

4. Red

Red-colored stropping compounds are for ultra-fine and delicate finish. They’re used mainly for polishing soft and precious metals and jewelry. The compound is of very small grain size and high grit.

Choose your strop and the stropping compound according to your style and preference. Be knowledgeable and careful, as the wrong selection of stropping compounds can be damaging for your tools and knives.

How to Apply Stropping Compound?

It is very simple to apply a stropping compound to a stropper. If you are new to this, check out the following steps, and you will get it done.

Since you’re thinking about loading a stropper with a compound, I’m assuming that you already have what is needed. You will need the following two things –

  • Leather stropper
  • A compound

Step 1 – Clean the Stropper

Clean the leather stropper if you are using an old one. It won’t be required for new leather stroppers.

Step 2 – Choose the Side

Determine which side you will be applying the compound on. Most of the stroppers come with two sides, one is smooth, and another is rough. Usually, people use the compound on the smooth side.

Step 3 – Fill the Stropper with Compound

Gently rub the compound on the stropper. Do not go all over the place at the beginning; start from one side. If you are applying the compound on the smoother side of the stropper, it is obvious that the compound will spread evenly, and you will have to do that manually.

Step 4 – Spread the Compound

There are a few ways to spread the compound. Once you have applied some compound at one side of the stropper, you can do the following to spread it all over evenly –

  • You can rub the compound slowly with your fingertip, but that might make your fingers look bad.
  • Second, you can take a small piece of cloth and then rub spread the compound.
  • Or, a small heat gun can make it easier to do. Use the heat gun on the applied compound on the stropper; once the compound melts, start spreading it.
  • If the stropper has compound build-ups, then take a knife and use its opposite side to scrape excess compound.

Step 5 – Start Polishing

Once you have successfully spread the compound all over the stropper, it is time to polish whatever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which stropping compound should I use?

That will depend on your need. If you want to polish or sharpen hardened thick metals, in that case, you will have to go with coarser or extreme fine-grit compounds.

Conversely, a medium grit compound should do fine if you want to sharpen or polish kitchen knives or anything like that.

2. What is the best leather stropping compound?

BeaverCraft and Sharpal stropping compounds seem pretty promising. They work on leather perfectly.

3. What grit is green stropping?

Green stroppers are normally 60.000 grit, but it varies from brand to brand.

4. Do you need a compound for strop?

No! Using a stropping compound to sharpen or polish your knives isn’t mandatory. A leather stropper alone can polish the blades like a mirror. But the reason why people use or suggest using stropping compound is that it requires less effort to sharpen or polish blades with a compound.

5. What grit is Sharpal green compound?

The one we’ve reviewed here is a medium to high grit stropping compound.

6. What is the difference between honing and stropping?

There is a big difference between honing and stropping. Honing a knife means sharpening it and stropping means polishing the blade to get a smooth, fine cutting edge.

7. How big should a strop be?

The ideal size for a leather strop would be 2-3-inch wide and 7-10-inch long.

Final Words

I hope all this information be of great help to you. My sole goal was to provide you with adequate knowledge about strops and stropping compounds for you to decide the best stropping compound and method for yourself.

Experiment with your choices; you’ll learn more from your experiences. If you already have a favorite compound of your choosing, stick to it because consistency is key.

But make sure you’re putting the compound to the right use. For versatile necessities, versatile solutions will always work better. 

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