Best Wax for Melts Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

I’ve been crazy about perfumes from a very young age. I can’t seem to stay in peace anywhere I go if it doesn’t smell good. A lot of people might say this is a rather unusual habit. I used to fill my room with air fresheners and scented candles to feed my desires. The smell of fresh roses and fruits always took my stress away.

Eventually, I ended up realizing how bad it was affecting my bills. That’s when my friend told me about a cheaper option – wax melts. Ever since then I have been researching to find the best wax for melts that give off the most extraordinary scents. And today I am reviewing them all to help those like me.

The Most Highly Reviewed Wax for Melts:

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Farm Raised Candles

SCENTORINI Scented Wax Melts

Candle Daddy Coffee Scented Wax Cubes

Happy Wax Sugar & Spice Soy Wax Melts

Yankee Candle White Strawberry Bellini Wax Melts

Benefits of Using Wax for Melts

Apart from the fact that it’s a cheaper option than traditional scented candles, wax melts have loads of other benefits as well. Most importantly, wax melts are made from 100% natural ingredients that don’t harm you in any way. Scented candles, on the other hand, contain a certain ingredient called paraffin wax.

You might already know that paraffin is a form of petroleum that can be harmful for the atmosphere and your body. Moreover, wax melts have a longer burning time than scented candles, and can often fill large rooms with their fragrance. Most plant based wax melts have 5 hours of burning time for every ounce of wax burnt.

Besides that, wax melts aren’t usually flammable like candles are. They don’t consist of a wick, which can cause the wax to catch on fire. Using a wax melt is also much easier as you just need to place it inside a burner. Some of them are made with biodegradable ingredients that allow you to recycle the melted wax.

You can also determine the strength and intensity of the scent by choosing how much wax you are burning at a time. Wax melts usually have a stronger fragrance that fills the air right at the moment it starts melting. Not to mention, there are hundreds of flavors and fragrances to choose from.

Our Recommended Top 7 Best Wax for Melts

With all the different types of wax on the market, it can be pretty daunting to make a pick. Hence, I made your decision easier by picking the most top rated wax melts money can buy.

1. Farm Raised Candles – Fall Spice 5 Pack

Farm Raised Candles – Fall Spice 5 Pack

The first product on this list will be the best choice for you if you are looking for the best wax for wax melts made from completely natural products. This highly recommended wax brand makes the most versatile candles by only using natural ingredients. It’s entirely plant-based and safe to use.

Unlike most wax brands on the market, this candle wax is made by seasoned farmers that have years of experience under their belt. All of their wax melt cubes are crafted by the handle of professionals. They even handcraft safe wax melts that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals of any kind.

Their wax melts also consist of several essential oils that are required for aromatherapy. You will love how one candle stick can fill the atmosphere with an exuberating fragrance that lasts for a long time. Moreover, you don’t even need to keep your warmer all day for the candles to work.

Simply use no more than 2 cubes of wax and keep the warmer on for about 4 hours. On top of that, you will also be glad to know that the candles don’t contain any harmful paraffin. This means the wax candles won’t catch on fire or emit any smoke while burning.

The fall spice pack consists of multiple flavors of candles which are much softer than regular scented candles.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from 100% plant based ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Handcrafted by professionals
  • wax melts have a long-lasting scent
  • Consists of multiple fragrances
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2. SCENTORINI Scented Wax Melts

SCENTORINI Scented Wax Melts

Those who complain about the lack of aroma in top rated wax melts will surely be wowed by the enchanting fragrance of this scented wax melt. This pack consists of a wide variety of fragrances such as Plumeria, Cherry Blossom, Grapefruit, and Nectarine Blossom.

If the wide range of options isn’t enough to win you over, wait till you set your eyes on the rest of its features. With this easy-to-use wax melt, you never have to worry about overpowering flames. In fact, unlike traditional candles, these wax melts don’t rely on a wick flame to disperse the aroma.

This makes it a suitable alternative to regular scented candles on the market. Besides that, these strong wax melts are suitable for different types of burners in your household. Whether you have a traditional candle warmer or an electric wax melt burner, these wax melts will never disappoint you.

All these features make it a perfect choice for holiday gifts. You can send these wax melts to lighten up the mood of your favorite family member.

These good wax melts can quickly turn up the ambiance in a room and brighten up everyone’s day. The fact that you can use this wax melt without a hassle also makes it an excellent choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all types of burners
  • Can be a suitable gift on the holidays
  • Wax melts don’t rely on a wick to burn
  • Wax melt is available in a wide range fragrances
  • There are no risks of catching fire
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3. The Candle Daddy Coffee Scented Wax Cubes

The Candle Daddy Coffee Scented Wax Cubes

If you are addicted to the invigorating smell of coffee, then this following scented wax melt is the ideal choice for you. This will allow you to fill the air with an enticing coffee aroma within a matter of seconds. It has been one of the top choices for all coffee lovers around the world.

Its unique smell also makes it an attractive scent to wake up to every morning. This will give you the much-needed ounce of energy to get up from your bed with a smile on your face. The pure coffee smell disperses quickly in the air and fills up an entire room once you put it on the burner.

No matter how large or how small the room is, this wax melt can enhance the ambiance of any given area within a short time. Moreover, these wax melts are made by professionals in the field. All of the manufacturing is done in Indiana. It’s one of the most reliable and long-lasting wax melts on the market.

Most wax melts these days don’t work well with all types of burners. Thankfully, these wax melts spread aroma with the same efficiency no matter what type of burner you are using. Even light bulbs and tea light warmers are a suitable choice for this coffee-flavored wax melt.

Highlighted Features

  • All wax melts work with different types of burners
  • Gives off a beautiful coffee scent upon burning
  • Scent will quickly fill the entire room
  • These wax melts are crafted by professionals
  • They are manufactured in Indiana
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4. Happy Wax Sugar & Spice Soy Wax Melts

Happy Wax Sugar & Spice Soy Wax Melts

I have never seen a more wholesome wax melt than this one. Once I set up this wax melt on my burner, I was surprised by how it brought me back to the good old days. The sweet and savory smells reminded me of the sugary treats of my childhood holidays. It struck me with a sense of nostalgia like never before.

The manufacturer of these wax melts handpicked his ingredients for this exact purpose. It’s not just one specific fragrance that you will notice. The wax melts disperse a mixture of smells with notes of zesty orange and fresh fruits. You might also notice a hint of burnt brown sugar after a while.

This cutely shaped wax melt will remind you of the aromatic essence of your grandma’s holiday recipes. What sets it apart from the other wax melts is the wide number of essential oils it consists of. The list of ingredients includes nutmeg, cedarwood, clove bud, rosemary, and many more essential oils.

One thing that really amazed me was how long-lasting these wax melts are. The fragrance can stay up to 200 hours at one go. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can cause the risk of flames. The wax melts are made of 100% natural ingredients that produce the most attractive scents.

Highlighted Features

  • A wax melt that reminds you of sugary treats from your childhood
  • Fragrance can last for 200 hours at a time
  • Doesn’t contain any flammable additives
  • Made from the most natural ingredients
  • Wax melts contain numerous essential oils
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5. Yankee Candle White Strawberry Bellini Wax Melts

Yankee Candle White Strawberry Bellini Wax Melts

If you own a Yankee candle wax warmer like I do, then this exclusive wax melt is just the product you are looking for. It has been specifically manufactured for this type of candle warmer to enhance the ambiance of any room in your household. This wax melt is also suitable for those who love the scent of white strawberries.

However, that’s not the only scent that will mesmerize you when you burn this wax melt. You will also notice distinct scents of mango and pineapple. Within a matter of seconds, your room will start smelling like a blooming orchard. The strong scent is meant to keep you calm and peaceful at any time.

Anyone who enters your will be reluctant to leave any time soon. They will soon be addicted to the amicable aroma of white strawberries around the house. These different kinds of wax melts are available in multiple room fillings to choose from. Now you create the perfect ambience in the room with just one wax melt.

You can also place this wax melt in any room in your house and experience similar effects. Moreover, you no longer have to struggle to unpack the wax melt, unlike other products of its kind. It’s fairly easy to use and gives off a long-lasting and realistic aroma. Each pack includes up to 18 wax melts.

Highlighted Features

  • A wax melt specifically made for Yankee candle wax warmers
  • It fills the entire room with aromatic fragrance of fresh strawberries
  • You will also notice a hint of mango and pineapple
  • Each pack consists of 18 wax melts
  • They are easy to unpack and use
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6. Scented Wax Melts Variety Pack

Scented Wax Melts Variety Pack

At number 6, I have included an eco-friendly wax melt pack that doesn’t include any harmful additives of any kind. In fact, it’s made of biodegradable materials that are 100% natural. The natural soy wax is poured by hand with help of the most reliable manufacturers. It will keep the air free from toxins.

This variety pack consists of the most attractive fragrances you can find on the market. The different types of scents include Olive Branch, Sweet Orange, Chilli Pepper, Ocean Mist, Clean Cotton, Lemongrass, and an odor eliminator. All of these fragrances can effectively remove bad odor from the atmosphere.

Unlike most products of its kind, you only need a quarter of a wax melt to fill the air with a long-lasting smell. The scent will disperse through the room within the blink of an eye and lasts for up to 40 hours. These wax melts are mostly suitable for large rooms. So, you can effectively use it in your living room or hallroom.

Your guests are bound to admire the rejuvenating feeling they get after smelling the perfume. Using and changing the wax melts is also an absolute breeze. It eliminates the use of wicks and only requires you to place them in the warmer. You can just pour out the wax to replace it with a different pack.

Highlighted Features

  • This consists of several different fragrances, including an odor eliminator
  • Each wax melt can last up to 40 hours
  • Wax melts are made from 100% biodegradable materials
  • It doesn’t contain any toxins that can harm the atmosphere
  • Each wax melt is poured by the hands of professionals
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7. Lemon & Mandarin Essential Oil Infused Scented Wax Melts

Lemon & Mandarin Essential Oil Infused Scented Wax Melts

As the last product on this list, I have included an oil-infused wax melt that doesn’t leave any soot residue. These wax melts don’t leave you with a disturbing mess to clean. Therefore, once the fragrance runs out, this makes it is easier to replace the wax melt. You barely need to waste any energy or time.

This exceptional wax melt pack contains a plethora of delightful fragrances for different mood settings. Once you place it in your wax warmer, you will swiftly sense hints of lemongrass and lively greens along with a hint of citrus blossoms. The refreshing scent of mandarin and sweet tangerine will also fill the air.

You might even notice hints of blood orange and blonde woods if you have a keen sense of smell. The wax melts are compatible with any electrical warmer and take effect almost immediately. The soothing fragrance will help you remain at ease for a long duration. It allows you quickly unwind after a long day at work.

What really impressed me about this brand is that you can recycle and also reuse their wax due to the biodegradable ingredients. They don’t use any toxic ingredients in the manufacture of these wax melts. Their products only contain the best natural essential oils that don’t create any fire hazards.

Highlighted Features

  • Wax melt doesn’t leave any soot residue
  • They are easy to use and easy to maintain
  • Fills the air with fresh and natural scents
  • It doesn’t contain hazardous materials
  • These wax melts are compatible with electric wax warmers
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Things to Consider Before Buying Wax for Melts

Just reading the reviews of the top brands of wax melts won’t do you any good if you want the get the best of your money. For that, you need a certain amount of information that can give you the upperhand. I mentioned some of these factors below to make sure you don’t end up buying a wax melt that’s unsuitable for you.

1. The Scent

I think it’s safe to say that the most integral part of choosing the best wax melts is the scent. That is the first thing most of you look out for. You should keep in mind the type of smell you want lingering in your room all day. Some of you might like soothing and mild scents that can calm your nerves after a long day at work.

Others tend to look for a fresh and lively scent that can give you the jolt of energy you need first thing in the morning. You must pick a scent that overwhelms you and your guests every time they enter the room. A good scent doesn’t need to be strong. It can be mild and fruity, too, if you are into that sort of thing.

Wax melts disperse scent into the air with the help of essential oils they are infused with. Only the most natural essential oils can give off a long-lasting and realistic scent. There are even some scents that smell like fresh laundry! Some wax melts come with the mere purpose of removing stubborn odors in the air.

You should also consider checking the “scent throw” of a wax melt you chose. This is a term that defines how far the scent can spread through a room. Only pick the particular wax melt depending on the size of your room. A higher scent throw might be useless if you stay in a small, cramped up room.

2. Additives

It’s very important that you check the types of additives included in the wax melt of your choosing. Certain wax melts consist of artificial additives that can spread toxins in the atmosphere. Inhaling these toxins might cause allergic reactions in some people that might lead to irritation and breathing problems.

The types of additives present in the wax melts can also determine how strong and long-lasting the smell is. These additives are mainly essential oils derived from plants and flowers.

Try to pick a brand that only uses essential oils in the manufacture of its products. They give off the most uplifting fragrances that are good for aromatherapy.

3. Long Burn Duration

It’s no use buying a pack of wax melts that burn off quickly. This will require you to replace the wax melts repeatedly until you run out of them. You might end up spending more money than you should for an aromatic atmosphere.

Fortunately, I reviewed several wax melts in this article that burns very slowly and still gives off some amazing scents. There are even some that can last up to 40 hours without needing a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do scented wax melts work?

Yes, scented wax melts can emit a beautiful fragrance, similar to that of a scented candle, but without the mess or expenditure. Because they are sold in smaller pieces, they are ideal for those who want to test out a new perfume for the first time. They’ll also last a lot longer than a standard scented candle.

How long does wax melt scents last?

The size and nature of the wax melt will determine this. It can also depend on the type of burner you are using. Although some wax don’t last any longer than a couple of hours, I reviewed some top notch wax melts in this article. There are some that can spread fascinating scents around the room for more than 40 hours.

How many times can you reuse wax melts?

When wax fragrance cubes are melted, they do not evaporate, so you can use them repeatedly for as long as you want. The aroma, on the other hand, will disappear over time.

Each wax melt can be reused until it stops producing a scent. I have even reviewed some wax melts that ensure up to 200 hours of aroma, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

Are scented wax melts toxic?

Yes, certain wax melts might contain ingredients that can pollute the atmosphere and cause health problems. Fortunately, I only reviewed wax melts made from the most natural ingredients.

Do wax melts lose their scent if not used?

Yes, wax melts can lose their scent eventually if you keep using them. However, if you store it in a safe place without burning it, it can retain its scent for a long time.

Final Verdict

If you have read through the entire article, then you not only know about the best wax for melts in 2023 but also have enough information to make the correct purchase. The buying guide I provided will help you distinguish the most efficient wax melts for the money with features that are suitable for you.

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