How to Make a Cake Topper with Cricut for Beginners?

Typographic cake toppers have always been my favorite, and most of the time, I try to make all the toppings at home – especially when I’m having a quick party. And decorating with a Cricut machine is one of my first picks. My friends always ask how I do it, and I’ve noticed that most of the new crafters are also stuck on it. 

I do it quite easily with my go-to idea on how to make a cake topper with a Cricut. You can check out these steps and craft ideas for homemade cake decorations. Just gather the equipment I’ve mentioned for topping and start working on your cake. 

How to Make a Cake Topper with Cricut?

Decorations done with Cricut are now very popular and impressive. But while you are making the cake at home, you must do the decorations by yourself. In such a case, you have to pick the equipment first, and the procedure is simple.  

Materials You’ll Need

Check out the materials you’ll need to have with you if you want to make the cake topper with Cricut.

1. Paper

The key material to make a topper with Cricut is paper. Paper is the cheapest one that gives you the most amazing result.  Every small decoration with paper can be the center of the party.  

Papers are used to make details on the topper. I use different types of color paper for this topping. There are a number of layouts that you can prepare with just a little piece of color paper. 

2. Cricut Machine 

No wonder a Cricut machine is a must for this cake-topping task. When you want to cut any of the edible goods, you need a Cricut. While making cake topping, we love to make unique designs, right? With a Cricut machine, you can cut the edible parts of your cake with different designs

3. Glitter 

The glitter cardstock is my favorite decorating tool, especially when I’m preparing something on girly concepts. 

Glitters with white sparkles are the best pick for making a simple homemade cake.

Remember, these glitters should be edible, and using no colors is much better for health. 

4. Card Stock 

Card stock is a must because these are going to give details on your cake and the message you are trying to put on.  I prefer the thickest card stock for the best results.  You can also use sturdy card stock as a topper. 

However, people love glitter cardstock for cake decorations. But they must be edible glitters if you use them as toppers. 

5. Stick for the Cake Topper 

Sticks are used for making your cake topping stand for a long time. The sticks used for my cake job are always thin as they don’t focus much. Wooden sticks are always preferable, but you must remember to take them out before eating. Sometimes, they remain stuck between the cakes. 

Food-grade skewers are also widely used for professional cake toppings.  Sometimes I like to use simple chocolate sticks. Kids just love to eat this, and it’s a great idea to add fun. 

6. Blade

For icing the cake, you just need a fine pointed blade because a simple mistake can ruin your whole process.  The best blade for cake topping and decorating is a palette knife. 

Sometimes I use a frosting spatula for topping. If you are designing something tricky, you can use a frosting spatula. 

7. Glue

You’ll need glue to stick the paper parts or card stocks. I’ve seen people using cheap glue that easily makes your decorations fall apart.  So you must use high-quality glue.  You can use it with an electric gun as it’s easy to reach the difficult points with it. 

Will you be surprised if I say that sometimes I also use glue to connect the cake parts? But when? Note that if you use glue to decorate the cake, the glue must be edible. I use tylose for this type of topping.  But when you are just joining the papers, you can skip edible ones. 

Steps to Make Cake Topper with Cricut

Working with Cricut is easy, but some may get confused with the steps because it includes designing, cutting, and many other things.

  1. Designing the Typography 
  2. Cutting the Cake Topper with Cricut 
  3. Decorating the Cake 
  4. Foil Finishing 

Let’s check how I do this with super easy methods. 

1. Designing the Typography 

Designing the typography for the cake is the first step you need to do here. Follow my simple steps to get the total design process.  

Step-1: Add Text to the Design Space 

This is what a Cricut Machine requires. When you want typography topping for the cake, you need such tools that will create the text design. Let’s come to the point – how you are going to start with a Cricut. 

At first, all you need is to go to the ‘Design space’ of the Cricut machine. There you’ll find a “Text” option in the left corner of the design space section.  Now start typing your text. 

For example, type “Congratulations” or” Happy Anniversary” when the typing box pops up on the screen. Write all you want to add for decorating your cake. Write the text with every single detail like – commas, question marks, etc. 

Step-2: Select the Fonts

After you have finished writing your message, it’s time to select the fonts. Cricut has plenty of fonts available for you. As the most important thing in topping is design, choosing the best font matters.

You’ll find the font option in the text box.  But you have to be careful about the font. It should be thick in size. Because if you select any thin font, you’ll struggle while cutting the toppers. Choosing a thick font will help you cut easily, and this type of design is eye-catching too. 

Also, note that the font should be squashed very close. It means the words should be close to each other. Otherwise, the topper will come out bigger or smaller than your cake. But don’t let them be so close that the words become unreadable.  

Step-3: Shape and Overlap the Text

Now it’s time to shape and color the text. 

This step is the most time-killing step.  But you have to be patient for better results. 

Shape the letters according to your need; otherwise, the topping may not be a good fit for your cake. Once done shaping, now color the whole text. 

Do you know how overlapping works? I love this overlapping design as they look attractive. To do so, you have to combine and lock the words. Put some letters in the upper part and put some of them in the lower portion. 

This will make the design gorgeous, and also, the words will stick together. So you don’t need to worry about the oversized typography topping.  

Step-4: Ungrouping 

Once you are done with shaping, choosing fonts, and overlapping, it’s time to ungroup. This is done so that you can move the letters around.  

Sometimes when my text becomes much longer, it creates a double layer. So what I usually do is ungroup the whole text and delete the double layers at once.

But be careful with this step because once, one of my friends had to delete the whole text they had prepared for so long. 

Step-5:  Weld It

Here comes my favorite part: welding. Do you know what it is? It’s the procedure of joining all your designs. 

You’ll find a button called “weld” in the right column of the design space.  Click this button and just wait for the outcome.  See, all your texts have become solid pieces.  Isn’t it amazing to watch? 

Step-6: Copy-Flip the Text

Here you go. The final step of designing the letters. Copy the whole text and designs you have done for so long. Flip this and see what happens.  All your text is ready on the paper. 

Most of the Cricut has glittery and colorful paper attached to it. But you can add extra or alternatives if you want. There is no bound to add beauty, you know. 

2. Cutting the Cake Topper with Cricut 

Cutting the toppers is the tricky part to do. You have to be very careful while doing it. I usually pick a sharp blade or scissors for this. A simple misstep can make the whole hard work go in vain. That’s why I suggest a fine finish blade or sharp knife.

Take heavy chipboard for this. Once you gather all the equipment, click the ‘Make it’ option. Load your blade or knife for cutting the designs. Now take the clipboard to give a fine cut. You’ll need a sticky mat for the next step.

I use blue painter’s tape for this because it makes the clipboard sticky. Put these tapes all over the borders of the clipboard accordingly. Don’t go overboard.  

The reason I use this tape is that the blade will easily cut through it without making any crushing.  But when you are using rollers, you have to skip these tapes as they get stuck here and cannot move or cut easily.  

Cutting the clipboard will take time.  But be patient to see the magic soon. For this, I don’t make very complicated designs at all. I choose simple, easy, but attractive designs that take a maximum of 12 passes. However, I suggest having at least one hour of the time fixed for cutting.  

3. Decorating the Cake 

You have finished learning, typography designing, and cutting the clipboard. Now it’s time for the most exciting part that won’t bore you at all. Yes, it is time for decorating your cake with the amazing toppings that you prepared earlier. 

Who does not love glittery decorations?  Well, I do a lot. Because a cake is the center of the party and it must be eye-catching and attractive, right? That’s why I use shimmery and glossy colors and glitter for this.  

Once you are done with the clipboard, cut the colorful glitter cardstock that you made before. You must use a glue stick so that the glitters will stick all over the clipboard and design.  Now finish all the designing and decorating and prepare to place the topping. 

4. Foil Finishing 

The final job is to place the topping on your cake, and that’s it. Foil finishing is not a mandatory step. But I prefer it because – 

It gives a perfect finishing look.  My cake topping looks professional instantly when I go for foil finishing.  

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that you can iron the clipboard. Yes, you can iron the clipboard on foil.  First, you need to weed out the clipboard.  And then it is ready for the iron. But if you are in a hurry, you can skip this step.  

Use of Offset Tool for More Professional Results

Here is a tool called offset in the design space of a Cricut machine. This is not very popular among people, especially those who make cakes only at home. But if you are a baker who needs a perfect cut cake topping, you must use this tool. 

The offset tool lets you make a dimensional layout on both sides of your text. You can also edit the images and shapes in proportional representation.  It can be found on the canvas panel. 

I’ve mentioned before that my text often gets too long it creates double layers. The amazing fact is that offset tools can create not only a proportional outline but also create an extraordinary effect on your task.

This is because it easily removes unwanted layers. And don’t worry if you forget to ungroup it before. You can do it at once with an offset tool.  

Final Words 

I love the fact that Cricut makes my task super easy and quick. I can’t stop myself from using this when working with typography cake topping.

As I’ve experienced amazing results, I’ve tried to mention the nuts and bolts about how to make a cake topper with Cricut.  Now, what are you waiting for? Try these cool techniques and design your cake topping.  

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