Top 3 Different Types of Clay Pots for Cooking

No wonder clay pots are the most authentic and traditional vessels that are used for cooking.  Since the day I’ve learned about the beneficial values of clay pots, I have preferred to use them. They release lots of minerals that add different nutrients to food.

Clay pots give my kitchen an aesthetic look, and they are eco-friendly. So I can’t stop myself from using different types of clay pots for cooking. But there is a slight difference between ornamental pots and cooking ones. And some are better for cooling.

On the other hand, some clay pots are good for fast cooking.  If you are planning to cook in earthen pots then you must know about the variations of clay pots. 

Types of Clay Pots for Cooking 

Cooking in earthen pots is definitely a great choice.  But you must know which one you should pick and why. Usually, there are 3 types of clay pots for cooking.:

  1. Stoneware
  2. Earthenware  and
  3. Flameware

1. Stoneware 

This is the basic type of earthen pot that is used for cooking. Stoneware refers to the pottery that had been fired to a minimum of 2000°F.  This process helps the clay to become non-porous and strong.

During the preparation of stoneware, some residual crystalline silicon is used.  Because silica crystals extract and combine the elements when firing and cooling are done. Stoneware pots are also formulated to melt silica crystals.

You must have heard about china, right? It is a subset of stoneware. In this case, the clay is fired to a vitreous and oftentimes glazed over its entire surface. People often ask, will the color change or fade?

The answer is that it won’t — because china is white, glazes help them to hold their color. The china which we fired the most is commonly known as porcelain.  These are also used for fast heating.

2. Earthenware

Earthenware is mainly low-fired clay pots. These are fired at 1800- 2000°F. They can be in two states:  coated or non-coated. Hopefully, you can use them indirectly. There is no risk of expanding.  As you know, earthenware pots are prepared at low heat, they are porous. 

But in this case, crystalline silica is not floated. So this can be fragile sometimes, it decreases the clay structure. 

3. Flameware

The third type of clay pot is flameware. This is made of silica clays and lithium ore. This one is prepared at a very high temperature, a minimum of 2387°F. Sometimes the firing can be more. 

This high temperature is used for lithium.  On high firing, it undergoes a one-way expansion which helps the pot from having a sudden crack while cooking or cooling.  

Compared to stoneware, you don’t need to face any expansion or unwanted breakages.  Flameware directly flams the heat and ensures to prevent any damage.  

Final Words

Not every pot can provide all the facilities at a time. That’s why I use different pots for different purposes. You may find various types of clay pots for cooking in the market. But choose according to your needs.

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